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The Voice of the World Citizens ( The Special Supplement Subject on the current political situation of Bangladesh, Editor in charge Dr. Sufi Sagar Pslams)
Under Process: Schedule to be published by December 30th 2004,2005 led by Dr. Sufi Sagar Pslams Chief Editor and Designated Publisher of WHRSC Special Supplement for special issue volume II | 2004-2005. Subject on Gross Violation of Human Rights in Bangladesh and Asian Countries, Special Interview with The Honorable Prime Minister Government of Bangladesh Ms. Khaleda Zia and the opposition leader Mrs. Sheikh Hasina Wazid, Special Interview with Mr. Tareq Rahman (First Joint Secretary General of Bangladesh Nationalist Party) and exclusive interview with other political leader intellectuals of Bangladesh. This publication of WHRSC with special supplement will be released with immediate effect under the super vision of WHRSC Regional office for Asia, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Volume # 4, June 2003, Chief Editor & Director of Publication: Dr. Michael Wyman, Editor: Dr. Sufi Sagar Pslams

Millennium Prophecy & Authentic History of the World


(Reviesed on May 05, 2003)



God The Almighty is The Creator of the vast universe, the Protector, Preserver and the Master of our life and death.

We need to be informed of and understand the mutual relationship between The Creator and His Creation otherwise the true identity of the Creator can never be realized.

The Almighty is the Creator and the universe is His immensely complete creation. God is Eternal. This truth is universally accepted. However, there is considerable disagreement as to the reality of the universe. The Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato have stated that: only the Absolute Idea is true, and the universe is an illusion or a mirage; it has no foundation in reality and will disappear like a dream. Only the Absolute Idea and the soul will endure. Needless to say, if the universe is a lie, so must mankind be a lie. According to the doctrine of Platonic philosophy, mankind has no existence in reality and will dissolve into The Absolute Reality. This philosophy fills mans mind with a sense of despair, doom and eternal hopelessness. Man can no longer find any desire or attraction for everyday existence, and tends to become apathetic and disinterested in all aspects of life like a saint. If mans existence, individuality and personal identity completely disappear after death, what need is there for life, family, warfare? The theory of finality of death makes men either disinclined to work and action or totally materialistic and hedonistic believers in the singular, all-consuming importance of their present life on earth. Without the possibility of an afterlife, without hope for an eternal life, without fear of the consequences of ones actions, mens thoughts become overcast and informed by a strange belief and unsettling sense of life.

Although the Holy words preached by Christ represented true monotheism, yet later Christianity, influenced by Platonic nihilism, gradually veered to a religion of denouncement and detachment. Consequently, before the arrival of The Promised Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), such spiritual doctrine of belief prevailed in European society.

Indian philosophy too contained a similar conception of Maya or Illusion, a form of atheism where God did not exist. Only in Vedic philosophy, God or Brahma was delineated, but even there, as in Platonic philosophy, an undercurrent of fear and doom prevailed. That Brahma is The Truth and the universe is lies are the fundamental concepts of the Vedas. Thus the Platonic concept of nihilism and the Vedic beliefs of Maya or Illusion, differed little, and in each philosophy, absolute reality was considered to be the only truth. Absolute reality can be proven to be the only truth in two different ways: either by assuming that the universe is an untruth or an illusion, or that it is permeated with the Brahma. Vedic philosophy eschews the later tenet. According to the Vedas, the universe is infused with Brahma and life is Shiva. In other words, everything in the perceptible world is a part of Brahma, and he who contains all and becomes the Ultimate One, is the Brahma. This belief called Pantheism in English states, that "Aham Brahmi" ("I am Brahma"), "Shoha-aang" (" He is I") or "Ayamtma Brahma" ("This Self is Brahma").

Buddhism too is similar in that Nirvana or Mahaprasthana is the ultimate goal, and human life is replete with sadness and sorrow, conflict and war, disease and death. To act is to encounter and commit sin, and the consequence of mans actions is to return and be reborn repeatedly, and become part of an eternal cycle of sorrow. Life is then an inescapable curse, and to be released from its binding chains, one has to achieve the Great Death or Nirvana, beyond which there is no return. This is the exegesis or the creed put forward by the Buddhist philosophy of Nirvana. It goes without saying, that this too is a philosophy and religion of nihilism, and in it, one can still hear the strains of death.

It can be seen therefore, that neither Christianity, Hinduism nor Buddhism has given any palpable value to life, and instead has given primacy to death. That the universe is a fabrication, and with death human life is either terminated or fused into the Brahma, were the religious beliefs extant in the pre-Islamic world. Man was not yet informed of his independent, self-determining existence, nor of his right to eternal life.

Exactly in this environment, The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) brought forward a philosophy of life announcing a new dictum:

"God the Almighty is the Truth undoubtedly, but His Creation, this universe is not a lie; this world is our workplace. Human life is not an illusion or a dream; it is real and is the truth. Yet it is not the whole truth because at the finality of this life, we have an afterlife. Only when we can combine the two, we are able to comprehend the whole truth. We have an afterlife; we shall not cease with death nor shall we be usurped and infused into God." Islam, then gave the world a bold, new and striking philosophy of the universe and an unique truth of existence.


The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was the Promised Prophet; that is, it was preordained that God The Almighty will send Him to Earth. Each artistic creation is first brought into existence in the mind of the artist and is expressed outwardly much later. This too was held to be true for the advent of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He was the center point of creation. Consequently, His glorious form was formulated first in the thoughts of The Almighty. This glorious form is the "The Light Of Mohammad" and that is the reason why God created the light of Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

"Aualla Ma Khallakallahu Nuri"

Al Hadish

The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has said: "At first what God The Almighty created was the light." It can be said without question that The Promised Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was born before the start of creation. His meditated representation had cast an imperceptible shadow from moon to moon, star to star, planet to planet, and man to man. One singular and immense curiosity arose everywhere in nature and in the heart of the universe: where, when and how will this meditated form appear in this vast universe?

The meaning of the coming of the Promised Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) has to be understood in this way: that the coming of The Promised Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) was predetermined by the laws of nature. That which is inevitable according to the laws of nature is necessarily promised before its arrival.

That The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) will appear on this earth was not unknown to the world; Prophet Adam, Prophet Moses, Prophet Noah and Prophet Jesus had all presaged the coming of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). In many of the ancient religious texts such as the Vedas, the Puranas, the Jindabesta, the Torah, the Digha-Nikaya, the Jabur, the Injil, the advent of The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has been predicted.


In The Holy Koran, once, God The Almighty proclaimed to His angels: "Was Kala Rabbuka lilmala-ekati, inni jayelun lfilardy khalifah". That is: "Ye angels! I shall create on earth one to represent Myself." The Angels answered: "Kalu ajjalufiha maiufsidu fiha wayasfikuddi ma-a-wa nahanu nusabbihu bihamdika ma-la-ta-lamun." That is: "Oh Lord! Will You be creating a race who will cause problems and complications? What need is there when we are here to sing Your praise?"

Hearing the words of the Angels, God said: "Oh my angels! you do not know what I know. You are not aware of the true reason why I wish to create a new representative of  Myself." On hearing His words, the angels fell silent. Of the eighteen thousand creations, man is the best, and that is why he is called "Ashraful makhlukat" or the greatest creation.

God has said in The Holy Koran: " Lakkad khalaknall in Sana fee ahsaney takbim". That is: "When I created man, I endowed him with great beauty." Once Hazrat Jaber asked The Promised Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him): " Whom did God The Merciful create first?" In answer The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said: "Aualu ma khalakallahu nuri". That is: "At first He created my light." The moon, the sun, the planets, the stars, the sky the land, the rivers the oceans, the beasts, the birds the insects and other creatures all were fashioned from the light of The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). It is said in The Holy Koran: "Wa ma khalaktuljinnah wal insa illah liabudun." That is: "I have created only the jinn-spirits and men to praise me."

The jinn-spirits created from the light of The Almighty are not equal to men. Jinn-spirits, fairies, demons, behemoths, insects are all beneath man. In his appearance, his nature, his manner and behavior, his demeanor and carriage, his education and learning, his wisdom and intelligence, his food and libation, his dress and habits, and even in his praise for The Almighty, man is superior. For this reason, he has been anointed " Ashraful makhlukat" that is " the greatest creation". Thereafter, on the dictates of God, The Angel of Death Azrail gathered soil from different parts of the earth. Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas has said that The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) avowed that Prophet Adam was created of soil from different nations: his head from the soil of the Kabbah/Mecca, his breast from the soil of Dohana, his back, stomach and hind parts from the soil of India, and his feet form the soil of the West.

God The Almighty has said in The Holy Koran: "Wala iannah khalaknahumin kablo mi nares samum." That is: "I created the race of jinn-spirits from fire, and they disobeyed my words, and became engulfed in sin."

 Then He annihilated most them with the force of destruction. Only one jinn-spirit, a beautiful young boy, was allowed a place in Heaven with Gods orders. This boy was called Azazil. After he served for a thousand years, Azazil was appointed head of all the angels, and he gave them instructions in appropriate rules in Heaven. At that time he was known as "Mualleymul malakut" or the leader of the angels. For one thousand years, he was supremely dutiful and worshipful towards God.

After creating Prophet Adam, The Almighty situated him in a particular site in Heaven. For some reason, Satans influence cast its shadow in a corner of Prophet Adams heart; thereafter, following Gods commands, the Angel Jibrail erased this influence from inside Prophet Adam, and buried it underground somewhere in Heaven. Later a tree grew from this spot and was known as the Gandham or the apple tree. Prophet Adam continued to live in bliss in Heaven. Yet even living with such happiness, he was experiencing a loss of something in his being; he could not bear his loneliness. Everyday he was feeling increasingly saddened. For this reason God said to Prophet Adam: "Oh Adam! live in great happiness with your wife Eve in Heaven and partake of all the fruits at will. But beware! Do not touch the fruits of the gandham tree; in fact do not even go near it." God, after creating Prophet Adam as superior to all, announced to the angels: "Prophet Adam is the best of you all, therefore salute him". After listening to His command, the angels and all of creation, except Azazil, began to salute Prophet Adam. Azazil was consumed with pride and refused to salute Prophet Adam. Then Azazils glorious form disappeared and he assumed an extremely ugly and unpleasant appearance.

Then God asked of Azazil: "Azazil why do you not follow my commands and salute Prophet Adam?" In response Azazil said: "You had created me from burning fire and Prophet Adam from soil. Therefore he can never be superior to me and that is why I can not salute and respect him." Hearing this, The Almighty said: "You are a cursed sinner. Leave the confines of Heaven at once! There is no place for you here. My curse will fall on you till Judgment Day." From then Azazils name became Iblis or Accursed and The King of Devils. In the Holy Koran, Azazil is referred to as Iblis or Satan. Azazil, in return for his lifetime of service and devotion, asked and was granted from God, to be able to live till The Day of Judgment and to enter and pass freely within the blood flowing in Prophet Adams and his relatives veins in order to misguide them and take them with him to Hell. Iblis was then banished from Heaven, and Prophet Adam lived there in great happiness.

Azazil was drowning in a sea of plans to have Prophet Adam cast out from Heaven. To further his purpose, he waited a thousand years in front of the gate of Heaven in great sadness, and tried to find any means of entering Heaven. Peacocks and serpent-snakes were created by The Almighty to be companions of Prophet Adam and his wife Eve in Heaven. One day when he saw a peacock standing near the gate, the sinner Iblis called upon the bird and said: "Take me inside Heaven just once and I will be eternally grateful to you." Hearing Ibliss words, the peacock said: "I do not have the means to help you enter Heaven but I have a friend, a serpent, whose powers are limitless. I will tell him about you." In time, the peacock related everything to the serpent. The serpent came near the gate and swallowing Iblis in the caverns of his mouth, took him inside the gates of Heaven.

Thereafter, Satan tried repeatedly to persuade Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit of the apple tree, but they were totally unwilling to disobey the commands of God. At last Iblis said: "Hear me! I truly wish you well. I came here to give you honest advice, and to keep you from suffering any sorrow or pain. But it is regrettable that you can not perceive my true nature an intentions You are unfortunately doomed to bear much grief." After a great deal of cajoling, Eve was first lead to eat the fruit of the forbidden apple tree, and then she persuaded Adam to do the same. After eating the fruit of the apple tree, they became naked and urinated blood feeling extreme pain. They lost their happiness and peace in Heaven. The Ud and Ajir trees helped them hide the shame of their nakedness with leaves; Prophet Adam used three and his wife Eve five leaves.

Almighty God became extremely angered and expelled Prophet Adam and his wife Eve from Heaven, removing all their spiritual power and status. Then God said: "Oh Adam! Did I not forbid you to eat the fruit of this tree. I had told you that Satan is your great enemy. But you fell into his deceitful trap and disobeyed me. Therefore you are no longer fit to live in Heaven. Go to Earth at once." Then following Gods command, The Angel Jibrail ejected Prophet Adam, his wife Eve, Satan, the serpent and the peacock from Heaven and cast them on Earth. Prophet Adam began to live in The Isle of Saran in Sri Lanka;. Jibrail abandoned Eve in Khorashan inside Persia, Satan in Deoband inside India, the peacock in Sistan inside Persia, and the serpent in Ispahan in Persia. Prophet Adam and his wife Eve, separated from each other, wept for three hundred and sixty years. When banishing Prophet Adam to Earth, God the Merciful had told him: "Oh Adam do not be troubled. To help your descendants, I will send many Prophets through the ages who will preach my words and admonitions. Those who will have faith in My Holy Book and My Prophets, and will live according to my commandments, will have nothing to fear from Satan." Prophet Adam, in one hand living without all the comforts and joys of Heaven, and on the other hand, being overwhelmed by the pain of separation from his wife, roamed and traveled about without any sense of direction for three hundred and sixty years. He raised both his hands to God, and taking the Holy Name of the Prophet Mohammad ( Peace Be Upon Him) entreated God to forgive his acts. Hearing his cries, God, in His Infinite Mercy granted Prophet Adam his wish. Then Prophet Adam saw his wife Eve coming towards him. He immediately proceeded to go towards her, and when they saw each other they began to weep. The place where they met is called Arafat in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.Then, following Gods dictates, Angel Jibrail asked them both to continue to live in Indias Saran Isle, and instructed Prophet Adam, in farming and agriculture. Prophet Adam had three hundred and sixty pairs of children. Of his children, only Prophet Shish was born as an only child, and did not have a twin sibling. The eldest son and daughter were called Kabil and Aklima respectively. Of the second pair, the son was called Habil and the daughter Gaja or Gaj Bibi. Aklima was very beautiful, but Gaja was less attractive. It was customary at that time for the eldest son to marry the second daughter, and the second son to marry the eldest daughter. That is, the son of one birth was to marry the daughter of another birth; siblings of the same birth were forbidden to marry. In time, when Kabil, Habil, Aklima and Gaja came of age, Prophet Adam planned to marry Gaja with Kabil, and Habil with Aklima. But Kabil refused to marry Gaja creating a great deal of dissension and strain within the family. Prophet Adam said"You will each sacrifice a lamb to God; he, whose offering will be accepted, will marry Aklima." Following Gods and their father Prophet Adams instruction, they both did the same, but God accepted Habils offering. Kabil burning with jealousy, murdered Habil secretly at the foot of a mountain and buried him there.

At that time, there were not so many rivers and oceans. All the places from Ceylon in the Indian Sub-Continent to Arafat in Saudi Arabia where Prophet Adam had set foot became villages; all the places where he had rested became cities. At the age of one thousand he fell ill. He said to Prophet Shish "You too are a Prophet; if you entreat God, He may send fruits from Heaven for me." After both father and son prayed to God, He sent to Prophet Adam many fruits from Heaven, arranged in a gold plate, carried by a beautiful fairy name Johora from Heaven. With Gods command, Johora was married to Prophet Shish.

This fairy Johara spoke Arabic which is the language of Heaven in accordance to The Holy Koran, and consequently, their sons and daughter too began to speak Arabic their mothers language. Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was born in the family of the descendants of Prophet Shish in Saudi Arabia.

Moments before his death, Prophet Adam gathered his sons and said: "Oh my descendants! The time is coming near for me to leave this earth. After my death Prophet Shish will be my representative." After this, Prophet Adam breathed his last (Inna lillauheh wainna elayheh rajeun). His Holy Sepulcher is situated under the largest Mosque in Meena near Arafat in present day Saudi Arabia. The tomb of his wife Eve is in the Government graveyard in the port Jeddha in Saudi Arabia. According to the historian Ibn Khaldun, Prophet Noah is the tenth descendant of Prophet Adam.

Below is the list of the descendants of Prophet Adam to Prophet Noah. A List Of The Descendants Of Prophet Adam To Prophet Noah


Prophet Adam


                                                            Anuchh                                Anu

Canan                                 Caen

                                 Mahaeen                              Mahalayel

Idraba Idris                         Yarbu

Ukhnukh                             Ukhnu

Mutawamlakh                     Mutashlakh

Lamak                                Lamakh


At that time, the entire earth was not inhabited by men, but only a limited area near Abyssinia, Mesopotamia and Arabia. For this reason, Almighty God had created a flood in this area and not all over the world. Archeologists have discovered a significant geological strata in these areas. The fact that this was not found anywhere else is proof of the flood. The limiting borders of this flood were from Egypt to Sindh, and from the Caucasus to the Arabian sea. Noah had three sons Yafez, Sam and Ham. Either by mutual consent or because of disagreements, they had gone to three separate regions. Three descendants of Yafez had gone to middle eastern Asia and south eastern Europe; Hams descendants went to Africa; Sams descendants remained in their ancestral land Arabia and its neighboring regions.

In summary, the most ancient of human civilizations, the Semitic civilization started its victorious course from Egypt to the Sindh and from the Caucasus to The Arabian Sea. According to the Indian historian Sachin Babu, the flower of mankinds progress bloomed at the west from the Sahara desert and The Mediterranean Sea, in the east from the Himalayan mountains to Rajputanas Thar desert, in the north from the European Balkan and Caucasus mountains to the Hindukush ranges.

From Sam came the Semitic civilization that spread from the Blue Nile to the Sindh rivers, and then to Asia Minor settling permanently in the fertile areas. Some of the inhabitants in the Sinai area of Arabia became nomads, but they were not as fierce and as violent as the nomads in the Gobi, Caucasus area. In time, these settlers had developed the Iranian, Sumarian, Pharoan and the Dravidian civilizations around the Euphrates and Tigris, the Blue Nile, the Sindh and the Ganges rivers, respectively. Sam had five sons named Arfakshaz, Laos, Iram, Dasoj and Gelim.

Many of the Prophets and national leaders were born into Arfakshajs lineage. Salek was Arfakshajs son, and his son was Atbir. Atbir had two sons Falig and Akhtan. Many Prophets and several noted Israeli Prophets were born in Faligs branch. In time Akhtan or Kahatans son Abufir went to the Sindh and established the Dravidian civilization on the banks of the Ganges. Abufir was the seventh descendant of Prophet Noah; therefore the Dravidian civilization is a principal branch of the Semitic civilization. Abufirs brother Sabars son Emperor Homaer established the civilization known as the Sumerian civilization. The conflict and the alliance between Queen Bilkis of the Sabas faction and Prophet Solomon is chronicled in The Holy Koran. The descendants of Jasim who was the most renowned son of Laos, a son of Sam, was the ancient founder of the Egyptian Pharoan dynasty. The Berber civilization of Cannan and Syria also originated from them.

The region and the civilization that the descendants of Sams son Iram or Irman occupied and developed was called the Iran and Iranian civilization respectively. Modern historians have designated them as the Ilami or the Aadi civilization. Members of the Ilami-Aad group were the first people to erect the grand mausoleums in the world. Emperor Saddad was born into the Aad lineage, and he was inspired to built the city of Iram in beauty comparable to Heaven. The Prophet Hud was a Prophet of this dynasty. Irams son Kachhed and his son Chhamud were the ancestors of the Samud dynasty, chronicled in The Holy Koran. They had established an independent kingdom in a place called Wadiul Kora inside Hejjaj in between modern day Saudi Arabia and Syria. They had built a beautiful palace on the mountains to be used as their winter residence. Their Prophet was the Prophet Saleh. Sams grandson Laoss son Asim had built the first grand mausoleum in the world. He was the ancestor of the Asim dynasty. Abufirs brother had established a settlement in the "Hejurars" area in Egypt and The Prophet Shoeb, noted in The Holy Koran, came from amongst them. When Abufir came to the Sindh region of India, he was the first to introduce everything from the tax to all other aspects of Arab civilization; they were the people who had settled in regions flooded by the river Ganges. The language of Abufirs brother Abir is known as the Iranian language. Kahatans eldest son Abufirs brother Yarab went to Arabia from Yemen and originated the Arabic race and the Arabic language. He had also instituted his brother Jurham as the ruler of that area. At that time the word Dar meant place of domicile. Abufir on returning to India, had named that area after his brother Abirs name Dar Aibir. The Dravidian civilization originated from this Dar Abir.

We return now to the initial discussion on the origin of the Aryan civilization. Prophet Noahs eldest son Haifa had seven sons: Kaimur, Yunan, Magog, Tubal, Musk, Madrata and Tiras. These descendants of Noah established settlements in the forest and desert areas. Perhaps for this reason, they became fierce and nomadic races. The Turkish race and Turkey originated from Turk, a son of Amur or Kaimur. They were called the Hittites or the Hitti in European languages. Later they conquered the land of Iran, established by Irma, a grandson of Sam, and called themselves Iranians. A branch of this group crossed the Hindukush mountains into India and called themselves Khsatryas or Aryan Hindus. Another branch traveled to Europe and their descendants, the Goths, Franks, Vandals, Almands and the Teutons established settlements in various localities. From the Goths came the Portuguese, from the Franks the French, from the Almand the Germans and from the Teutons the English race.

The Tartars originated from Agragar, the most renowned son of Turk, and the Mongols who spread to the vast region inside China and Russia called Mongolia came from Magog. The descendants of Magogs son, Agog, called Yaguti of Yaguta, settled all over China. A group of these people went to Europe and called themselves Magog or Agog. Because the Arabic alphabet has no g sound, they were called Yajuj or Majus in the language of the Holy Koran. According to the Indian scholar Maulana Abul Kalam Azad of India, the Aryans are their descendants. Additionally, according to The Holy Koran, the Yajuj-Majus appear in various dynasties as the Aad, the Samud, the Suddad, and the Pharaohs, and even in the not too brief history of the prophets which has been transcribed by historians around the world. By examining various incidences from different times, it has been established that Moscow came from Musk the noted son of

Yafez, and the Russian race originated for Rosh, a son of Musk. Similarly Madain or Medea and its inhabitants came from Madratra; this has been described in the Abestha. The Magogs were the people of Syria and Babylon, who were called Majoos or fire worshippers in Arabic. In 600 AD, the Iranian Emperor Khorem or Sahbah conquered Medea and spread the Semitic civilization there. Khorem or Shabah was crowned with the title Emperor Zulkamain for uniting the two parts of Iran. He had transformed these neglected and mistreated people to creations greatest race. Khorej also melded together the Zorastrian religion of truth and the native fire worshipping sects. Ancient Greece and the Greek race originated from Yunan, and Tiraks only son Khorejs descendants came to Khorastan. Tubals descendants settled the Tuli area north of the Black Sea, and from there went to Spain, Morocco and Algeria.

There is no dearth of evidence that ancient India was the land of the Dravidians who are specifically mentioned in the religious texts of the Aryans. There is also no doubt that India was named Bharat by the Aryans. Therefore this is unquestionably the Dar-Abi of the Dravidian Kingdom, named by Abufir for his brother Abir. There is still an area called Dravir in India. The Dravidians settled in the fertile land around the edges of rivers and oceans. They chose the fertile land around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and the Arabian Sea. Perhaps for this reason, despite some dissimilarities, there are many physical similarities between the peoples of Sindh, Madras and Colombo. The Indo-Mongolian and the Kirat races attacked the Dravidians and tried to usurp their land. They were, however, unsuccessful and were forced to settle in the uninhabited forest, mountain and desert areas of the vast regions of India. There is also no doubt that they were a sub-branch of the Yajud-Majus lineage because they came from Mongolias south eastern Asia. According to the Indian scholar Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the Aryans entered India twice, and they came there as Kshatryas and Aryans. It can be gleaned from historical accounts that the Kshatryas descended from the Turks, and the Aryans, from the Mongols. These two groups first settled in Iran, and then in India. It was perhaps more adventitious for them to keep secret their real ancestry and claim to have come from Iran. Lately there are rumors of internal strife between them. Thereafter, the Mongolians, taking the name of Arya or Aryans from Iran, together with the Kshatryas conquered the lands of Sindh and Punjab from the Dravidians although they could not keep it for long.

History is its most evident proof. After researching the origins of various ethnic groups in India, one can safely conclude that the Dravidians were her most ancient and most civilized inhabitants.

According to the Indian historian Ramesh Chandra Majumder, Dravidians, that is the Bengali race, came from the Semitic lineage and spoke the Semitic languages. Additionally, according to him, coinage was used in Bengal four to five thousand years before the birth of Christ. Further, in ancient texts, two coins, the dinar and the ruak are mentioned. Possibly, gold coins were called dinar and silver ones rupak; one dinar was worth ninety six rupaks. Needless to say, interestingly, only Arab currencies are called dinar today. Further proof of the origin of the Bengali script is found in the edicts of Emperor Ashoka which are written from right to left, a distinct characteristic of Semitic script.

History has borne witness that the Bengalis are a religious people. The Bengalis were never able to live without religion in the past and still can not do so. They have never succumbed to any force imposed on them. Only that which they have accepted willingly has established itself in their being. Not only did they not acquiesce to forced rule, they completely rejected it. Those who have wholeheartedly accepted this characteristic of the Bengalis, were the only ones to be able to establish themselves in Bengal. Banga is the Dravidians designated land because it is a gift from the river Ganga (Ganges). Initially the land was called Ganga Desh (country) and then Banga Desh. Because its inhabitants erected large dams called als to protect their, fields, farms and homes, they came to be known as Bangals, and later Bangal became Bengali. The present Bangladesh is a part of the undivided Bengal of the Indian-sub continent. Dr. Malik khan of Pakistan, Secretary General of The World Muslim Congress, has stated that the Bengalis created Pakistan from India, and not the Khans, Punjabis and the Pathans.

In summary, the Bengalis have never cringed from answering the call in defense of truth. For this, even when deceived repeatedly in their search for justice, they have never and they will never waver from their path. They will always fight for truth, God Willing.

Aryans had tried to impose their false religion on the Bengalis, but the Bengalis revolted against this injustice and are still doing so. Bengalis are eternally grateful for their limitless blessings from God, and are always in search for the Infinite. From ancient times, politics, society, literature in fact every aspect of their lives has been informed by religious piety. Therefore, injustice and lies have no foothold in the conscience of the truthful and religious Bengalis. Those who were continually driven away by the Aryans, Nushads and the Kurats all over India, have not only found their religious home in Bengal, but have become unvanquished and victorious there. Therefore it will not be unfitting to call Bengal the focal center of India and one of Asias great regions. According to the predictions eight hundred years ago, of the Great Sufi Saint, Sheik Niamutullah of Kashmir, Bengal will be the most influential and historical place at time of the emergence of The Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him) and Jesus Christ from Heaven. According to the Islamic scholar, Dr. Malik Khan, the leading personage will be a descendant of Gokhran and the last word of his name will have Khan; according to the Great Sufi Niamutullahs prophecy, Bengal will be led under him, and untruth and injustice will be replaced by truth and justice in the time of The Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him) and Jesus Christ. Detailed information about this can be found in Dr. Sufi Alams Millenium Prophecy chapter. Above has been a brief summary of the origin of mankind.



The Vedas and The Puranas:

The words "Allah", "Rasul" and "Mohammad" are mentioned in the principal religious texts of the Hindus, The Vedas and The Puranas, and other religious texts.

It is written in The Arthyavedas:

"Tasya illale Mitrabarenu Raja

Asmat tani dibyami punastang dudhyu

Habyami milang karab illalang


Barsya alla allam illollati illalla"

It is written in The Vabishya Purana:

"Etasmitare mlecha acharjena samanitya:

Mahamad iti khatya sishyashakasamnittaya:

Nripashayebam Mahadebang marussthalalnibashinam

Gangajalayschya sangsnapya panchagabashamanayta

Chandyanaduvirvarchya tustaba manasha haram

Vojaraja ubacha-

Namasta girijanathamarushthala nibashine

Tripusurnashaya bahumayaprabartine.

Tang mang hi kinkkaranang biddhi saranatha supagatam."

That is: "At the particular time, a personage named "Mohammad", living in a desert area (Arabia), will appear with His disciples. Oh! The Lord of Arabia, Lord of The Universe! To You I address my words of praise. You know many ways to erase all the darkness from the earth. To You I pay my respects. Oh! Holy Personage! I am Your vassal; I entreat You to give me a place at Your Holy Feet."

It is stated in The Alloupanishad:

"Hotarmidra hotarmidro mahasurindra

Allya jestangshrestrang paramang purnang Brahman allam

allarasulmahammadakang barasya allo allam

Allah bukme kakam allabuk nikhatkam."

That is: "Allah is the bearer of all good qualities. He is complete and omniscient. Muhammad is the Rasul of Allah. Allah is full of light; He is undiminishing, one, forever self-complete and self-created."

It is written in the Artha Vedas:

"Idang jangna upanfstruta narasangsha shangbisyate

Shasting sasang nabating cha kauram arushmengshu damtahe."

That is: "All men listen carefully! The Praised One will appear from amongst you and we will find Him among sixty thousand enemies."

There is no doubt the reference here is made to Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) because The word "Mohammad " means the Praised One; additionally the population of Mecca at the time of The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was about sixty thousand.

From the above examples, it can be seen that the Aryan saints, through meditation, had divined the nature and advent of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) many thousand years ago.

In Buddhist Texts

It is written in the principal religious text of the Buddhists, "The Digha-Nikya":

"When people will forget the Gautama Buddha, there will come another Buddha who will be called Maitreya. That is the Buddha of compassion and peace."

Another example from Sinhala states:

"Ananda said to the Blessed One: " Who shall teach us when Thou art gone?"

The Blessed one replied: " I am not the first Buddha who came on this earth, nor shall I be the last. In one time another Buddha will arise in the world a Holy One, a supremely enlightened one, endowed with wisdom in conduct- He will proclaim a religious life. Wholly perfect and pure such as I proclaim--." Ananda said: " How shall I know Him?"

The Blessed One said: "He will be known as Maiyreya." "

(The Gospel of Buddha by Carus, pp.117-18)

There is no doubt that this Buddha of peace and compassion is The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). In The Holy Koran, The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is described in an exact manner. It Is said about The Prophet Mohammad ( Peace Be Upon him): He is "Rahamtullill Alamin". That is: "He is the signifier of compassion and benediction for the whole universe."

In Persian Religious Texts:

The Jindebesta and The Dasatir are the principal religious texts of the Parsis. The prediction of the advent of the Prophet Mohammad ( Peace Be Upon Him) is clearly mentioned in The Jindebesta. In fact the name Ahmed is given there. Below are the original text and its translation:

"Noid et Ahmad dragoyeitim from Spetame Zarathustra yam dohmam Vangnim afritum.

Yunad hake hahi humananghad hvakangghad Hushyanthnad hudaenad."

( Zend-Avesta part 1. Translated by Max Muller, p.260)

That is: "I am announcing Oh Father Zoraster, The pure Ahmad ( blessing to the just) will indeed appear, and from Him you will receive instructions in honest thought, honest speech, honest acts and pure religious teaching."

There is a similar predication in The Dasatir which can be summarized thus: " When the Parsis, forgetting their religion, will have descended to the nadir of depravity, there will be born a Great Being in Arabia whose disciples will conquer Persia and the fierce Persians. Instead of worshipping fire, they will pray facing Prophet Ibrahims Holy Kabbah Hall; the Holy Kabbah Hall will become free of idols. This Glorious Personages disciples will come as a blessing to the world."

"They will capture Persia, Madaen, Tus, Balkh and other Holy Places of the Persians. Their Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) will be a speaker and will pronounce many fabulous words."

In The Original Torah, Received by Prophet Moses from God:

Many future predictions are chronicled in the Jewish religious text, The Torah:

"The Lord! The God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of the brethren like unto me. Unto him ye shall hearken."

(Duct.15. 18)

Elsewhere it is stated:

" I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren like unto thee, and will put my words into his mouth and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him. And it shall come to pass that whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him."

The Original Bible

There are many proofs given in the Bible about the advent of The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Below are a few examples:

"And this is the record of John the Baptist, when Jews sent priests and laits from Jerusalem and asked him: "Who art thou?" And he confessed and denied not: " I am not the Christ." And they asked him: "What then? Art thou Elias?" And he said: "I am not." " Art thou THAT PROPHET?" And he answered: "No-".

And they asked him and said unto him: "Why baptizest thou them. If thou be not Elias the Christ not neither that Prophet?"

John answered them, saying: "I baptize with water but there standest one amongst you whom ye know not. He, it is who coming after me is preferred before me. Whose shoes latchet I am not worthy to unloose." "


From the above quotes, it can be clearly seen that, apart from Christ and Elias, the third Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) who will be coming is, without doubt, The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), because after Christ, the next Prophet and the last Prophet is The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Jesus Christ Himself has said:

" If you love me keep my commandments: and I will pray the Father and He shall give you another Parakletos (Comforter) that He may be with you forever."

(John, chap.14: 15-16)

Elsewhere it is stated by Him:

"Nevertheless I tell you the truth. It is expedient for you that I go away; for if I go not away the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I go I will send Him unto you."

(John. 17:7-8 (page No.5)

"How be it when He, the spirit of truth is come, He shall guide you unto all the truth, for He shall not speak from Himself but whatsoever He shall hear, these shall He speak, and He will show you things to come."

Who is this Paraklete? Is it not clearly suggested that He is the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him)? After Christ, no other Prophet appeared apart from Prophet Mohammad ( Peace Be Upon Him); besides, the word Paraklete means The One who brings peace or Greatly Praised. Both these phrases describe the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Therefore, there is no reason to doubt this fact.

The coming of the Prophet Mohammad ( Peace Be Upon Him ) is mentioned in many places in The Holy Koran; below are a few examples:

"And then God The Almighty promised to all His angels: "Verily, everything I have given to you is the truth. Therefore, there will come a Prophet who will prove to be true whatever is with you. Believe His words and assist Him". He said further: " Do you accept my words?" and they said: " Yes we do." Then He said: " Then bear witness. I too am bearing witness with you." "

(Sura Al-Imran, The Holy Koran, Ayat no. 81)

What can be gleaned from all these predictions about the future? He whose praise and advent have been announced long ago in many ages in many nations, He whom God has sent on this Earth as the Greatest Prophet and the Best Example to mankind, is not like an ordinary man. It can never be. Therefore we cannot judge Him with the standards and norms for a common man. Many times in His life (Peace Be Upon Him), we will see examples of supra-natural incidences, many of His actions (Peace Be Upon Him) will seem fabulous and extraordinary. Therefore, we need to try and understand it calmly and with careful scrutiny.



The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him ) was born on August, 570 AD, on 12 Rabiul Awal, during early morning. Below is a description of the religious, ethical and social conditions of the world at the time of the advent of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). At the time of His birth, a deep darkness had descended on earth. The light of truth had been snuffed out in Arabia, Persia, Egypt, Rome, India and other civilized nations of the world. The Jabur, the Torah, the Injil and the Vedas had been twisted and transformed from their original intent and context. As a result, man had forgotten the Creator and had begun to worship the objects of His creation. Monotheism had all but disappeared. Nature worship, idol worship, image worship, priest worship and the worship of demons and spirits had become the principal religious practices of mankind. There was no political, social or ethical discipline. The Earth was burdened and sickened with injustice, cruelty and iniquity.


The conditions in India, the most remarkable stage on earth where civilization played out its acts, was very precarious. The original religious practice of worshipping a formless Brahman had become almost extinct in India. Even though in some of the psalms of the Vedas the words Aj, Akayam and Ekmebadityam, that is unique and monotheistic were mentioned, the Aryans worshipped many gods and goddesses. A notable contemporary writer has stated:

"Worshipping visible objects and scenes of nature was the religion of the Vedic ages. Considering these objects and scenes to be animate, the believers in order to receive blessings of food and wealth, sons and relatives, in order to be delivered from pain and grief, and to be protected from enemies, prayed before sacred fires anointed with ghee and offered somaras, a potable made for the gods. In this context, Vedisim can be considered to be polytheistic."

"Just as natural scenes had become deified, so had been many material and inanimate objects: rain and storm, thunder, lightening, dawn, night, along with water, rivers, mountains, medicine, cattle and weaponry."

Later in the Vedic ages, the practice of "Barnashram" that is voluntary exile to the forest at ones declining years, had come into practice. Hindu society was then divided into four castes: the Brahmins, the Khsatryas, the Vayshyas, the Sudras. Because only the Brahmins were allowed to read the Vedas and become priests, the non- Brahmins had few religious rights and access, and were deprived of many social and political rights and privileges. The Sudras were not only not allowed to read the Vedas, in fact, hot lead was poured into their ears to kill them if they even as much as listened to the Vedic chants. The Hindu religious personage Manu has said:

" Jo Hyasya dharmacharjyasthe kashayibadishati bretam.

Shohashangtatang nam tamah naha tenyaba majjati"

(Manusanghitah: 4/81)

That is: "A Brahmin who instructs a Sudra in religious practice, will descend to hell with him."

The condition of women too was very precarious. In ancient India, the status of Aryan women including Sita, Sabitri, Ahyalya and other famous Aryan women was very low. They had no social rights according to the Vedas, and were considered as vassals of men with no social rights or status. Forced marriages to demons and ogres and other heinous practices were proof of their condition. The worst and most inhuman and criminal practice was "Sutti", whereby a widow was forced to accompany her dead husband to his funeral pyre and was burnt alive. Society harbored a very low opinion of womens nature and character. Manu himself has said:

" Nasti strinang krya mantraybiti mamrmobyabasthita

Mirindria hyamandrashchya strijohayatamita sthiti."

That is: "Women cannot be absolved by religious rights; therefore their inner selves can never be pure."

Thus a great deal of sin and dirt had accumulated in many layers of Indian society.


The condition of China was even more serious than that of India. Confucius and Tao were the two recognized religious leaders, but the exact nature and meaning of their religious teaching are difficult to delineate. From ancient times, the Chinese had practiced nature worship, priest worship, ancestor worship. In summary, their principal religion was the worship of man. Little had changed when Buddhism was introduced in China. The Chinese became practitioners of the religion of detachment. Worshipping the image of the Buddha and man were the principle aspects of their religion.


From ancient times the Persians practiced fire worship. The religious leader of the Persians was Zoraoaster, and they believed all good and evil in the world was controlled by deities ascribed in their religious texts. The God of benediction was Ahir-Majda, and that of evil or malediction was Aharman. These two were in constant conflict day and night. Ahir-Majda was victorious and consequently the worship of Ahir-Majda was the principal tenet of Persian religious practice.

In time, this religion too had disappeared, and idol worship with all its sinful and evil ramifications, established itself amongst the Persians. Persia was drowning in a sea of depravity and superstition.


It deeply saddens ones heart to contemplate the condition of the Jews. In the beginning they were in Gods debt and under His protection. The Almighty had sent Prophet Moses, Prophet David, and Prophet Solomon, and He had brought forth the religious texts, the Jabur and the Torah to save and deliver them. But even after being the beneficiaries of such great and divine blessings, the Jews are, because of their sins and evil deeds, defeated and homeless today. Betrayal and cruelty are the primary aspects of their character. Not considering their other victims, they did not fail to betray Prophet Moses, Prophet Christ and Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) among others. They greatly harassed Prophet Moses, tried unsuccessfully to murder Prophet Christ by crucifixion and even tried to assassinate Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him).

It can therefore be seen to what fearful state their ethical and religious depravity had descended to. It is not necessary to further describe the extremely grave internal condition of a race from whose hands even the Great Prophets could not escape. In accordance with The Holy Koran, the Jews, the Christians and the Moslems are all descendants of Prophet Ibrahim, and are therefore cousin-brothers.


The condition of the Christians too in the sixth century was very precarious. The teachings and dictates of Christ had been so twisted in the hands of the Fathers and the saints that Christ himself, had he returned to earth would not have recognized His own religion. Christ had taught monotheism, but, the Saints Paul, Peter, and other principal Christian religious leaders had transformed it to the religion of the Trinity. Christ had come to earth to preach against idol worship, yet His own image was worshipped by the Christians. Additionally, His Mother Mary too was deified and worshipped as an idol everywhere. Even the statuary images of Saints Paul and others were established in the Church. It became ingrained in the heart of every Christian, no matter how grave the sin he committed, he would be absolved of it if he were to utter the name of his Savior, Christ. In time, a self governing state was established in Rome, and the Roman Pope had the power to absolve and judge the sins of all Christians. Any reader of history is well aware of the dreadful practices of the Popes in the name of religion and God. They assumed that the key to Heaven was in their hands. However great a mans sins, he could obtain a deed to Heaven from the Pope, with the right amount of payment; he will then have had nothing to fear, for his passage to Heaven was assured. Needless to say, because of these practices, there is no parallel in history to the flood of sin and iniquity that flowed through the Christian world at that time.


The condition of the Arabs was worst of all. Thievery, robbery, warfare, murder, cruelty, injustice, drunkenness, abduction of women and all of the sins that one could name, none

was absent from the Arab character. Idol worship was rampant and cast its evil shadow all over Arabia. In the Holy Kabbah Hall that Prophet Ibrahim had built, three hundred and sixty statues of deities were instituted and worshipped by the Arabs.

The condition of women was very serious; they were treated like domestic animals. After a fathers death, his rejected wife was subjected to use by her stepsons for prurient purposes. Often female babies were buried alive. Married women could be divorced at anytime at the whim of their husbands. Later, a woman could marry more than one husband simultaneously, creating chaos and havoc in society.

Slavery was practiced in Arabia; slaves were bartered openly in the markets and bazaars like cattle and goats. At times, humans were sacrificed in the Kabbah. These were the common features of the Arab character and society at the time.This was the fearsome state of affairs in the dark ages. Men in all the civilized nations and races had become beasts. The faint cries of religion and ethics had disappeared amidst the disastrous dance of the human brutes. To save mankind from this disastrous state, God The Merciful sent the Crowning Jewel of all the Prophets, His finest creation, The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him ) to Earth as a blessing to all creation.


If the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is the greatest Prophet, then He must necessarily be the last Prophet.

It can be concluded from the light of philosophy, that the greatest and the last must converge to one point. In other words, he who is the greatest must also be the last; and, he who is the last must necessarily be the greatest. Finality is an essential part and is ingrained in completeness. When the moon increases gradually, it proceeds both to finality and completeness. There is nothing exceptional in the full moon. The gradual growth of the moon ends with its completeness. Therefore it can be concluded that the moons final appearance is also an expression of its completeness.; it is not difficult to realize that what is the finality of expression is also its grandest state. What follows its apex is its imitation not its surpassing. Further that which has attained completeness can not proceed towards further completion. If any circle is fully round, it can not be any rounder; a straight line cannot be any more straight. Similarly, it can be concluded that if The Prophet Mohammad ( Peace Be Upon Him) is the most complete creation, then no other Prophet who is more complete can come after Him.

In accordance with The Holy Koran, The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is the Greatest Example to mankind. There is, however, another proof from the laws of creation that Prophet Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him) is The Greatest Prophet of all.

In discussing the theory of creation of the vast universe, it can be seen that there was nothing at all in the beginning, only The Formless, Silent, Infinitely Great God, The Almighty. Therefore, the origin of creation can not be but God Himself. But God in revealing His own identity has said:

" Kulhu Allahhu ahad, Allahus samad, lamyalid, walam yulad, walam yakullahu kufuwan ahad."

That is: "Say that God is One and Unique; No one is born of Him, and He is born of no one. There is nothing or anyone like Him. He is without parallel."

Here God has defined Himself as Ahad; the word Ahad means a pure and silent uniqueness without multiplicity. Yet creation is multiple and diverse. Then how is it possible for the universe to originate from an Entity who is Ahad? There must be a mediator between the two.

When God felt the desire to create, a predetermined glorious thought must have come forth and manifested itself. This emanation is known as Nuri Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) or The Light Of Prophet Mohammad ( Peace Be Upon Him). This Light is the reason behind the creation of all objects in the visible and material world.

The plan and design for the creation of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) existed before creation, because The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was the center point of the primary purpose of creation. Therefore, He was created first from the glorious light of God. This was very natural. In other words, it can be said that the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was born before all creation. Just as an artist gives expression to the design in his imagination step by step, so had God given expression to the thoughts of His primary creation gradually. This is the reason why Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him ) had to appear last. All else was created first for the manifestation of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) who is the principal reason for all creation. Without Him, God may not have created anything. God the Almighty Himself has stated in the The Holy Koran: " Without You, I may not have created the sky or the stars."

However, a picture can never achieve the ideal of excellence if only the principal design is presented by itself; it requires a background, a setting. If one draws a beautiful picture on an empty canvas, surely it will not be very pleasing. It has to be set against a background of light and dark, a chiaroscuro where the cataracts flowing from the mountains will dance, the flowers in the garden will be smiling, the birds koel and papia will be singing, where the open blue sky will reign glorious overhead, the full moon and the stars will twinkle through the clouds. The principle design has to be dressed in a similar manner in its beauty and sense, in its hues and fragrance. God too had done the same.

Almighty God did not at first manifest the primary objective of His creation, but created everywhere its background. Above was the vast, blue sky dressed in billions of stars and planets, below a beauteous earth carpeted with soft green grass; elsewhere, there were rivers and rivulets, enormous lakes, and mountain ranges touching the sky. Thus He arranged the scenery exquisitely, and at last expressed the picture of His mediation and thought, The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). The moon and the sun, the sky and the wind, the mountains and the rivers, the birds an the beasts all understood for whom the vast universe was being so beautifully ornamented and arranged, and whose hues were coloring their inner and outer selves. All of creation was waiting for the coming of the ever-wished for, yet to appear Guest. Thoughts of Him, dreams of Him awoke in their eyes, and His footsteps resounded in the secret chambers of the corners of their being. Just as, before a flower blooms, the dream of the flower awakens in each branch, each leaf of a tree, so had thoughts of Him, His shadow, His form, His compassion awakened everywhere in the universe, even before He appeared. The sun and the rain, the light and the wind, surrender all the powers and treasures of their being to the flowering tree to help it blossom. Just as the bird bul bul waits silently in the garden in expectation of the flower, so had the universe and nature waited for the coming of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Everyone knew that He would appear. In the Vedas, the Puranas, the Jabur and the Torah there were clear signals of His coming: The Prophets Adam, Moses, and Christ had announced the prophetic words of His advent. Thus He was born before appearing on Earth. He came before he was coming. That is why the rays of His glorious light were playing on Earth and in the sky.

To see it from another angle of the theory of creation, the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was Gods most complete creation. We can see that in all things created in the universe, there is the origin, the growth and the end. A child is born as a tiny being and grows gradually until he reaches his culmination point, after which he no longer grows and starts his descent. From then on he diminishes and then bids adieu forever. A tree starts as a tiny sapling, then grows gradually until it reaches its full mature form. After this it is encroached by old age and one day finally dies. The moon too increasing gradually, reaches its fullness after which it no longer grows, and starts to decay until the time of the full moon when it completely disappears. Thus each creation traverses a circle which can be called the cycle of life. From birth will come gradual growth, and then descent that will lead to the ultimate flood and annihilation. This is the law and the fate of creation. Now, one may ask whether creation has reached its final culmination point? In answer it can be said that indeed creation has reached its apex and is on its downhill course.

The time of the culmination point of creation was 570 AD, and it happened through The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). The signifier of the culmination of creation is the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). How beautifully The Almighty Himself has expressed this truth: "And He (The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him)) has reached the pinnacle of creation." It is most befitting to compare Him to the sun. In the sky of universal creation, He was bright and glorious like the midday sun. Therefore, the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is beloved of everyone and anyone can relate to Him. He is a part of both the living and the inanimate worlds.

Man is the greatest aspect of creation, and mankind initiated the meditation and the path to fulfillment. Additionally, in this race of men, there has to be one who is the greatest and most complete, and He is the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). In Him, everyone has found the meaning and fulfillment of life. At the time of His birth, there arose in each planet, and in each man a strong sense of delight and joy. It was awakened in each fairy and angel, in each bird and beast, in each vine and tree, in each fruit and flower. In the sky and in the wind came a sense of recognition and delight, which was nothing but a sense of joy and gratitude, a sense of bliss from being aware of ones self.

This is the true idea of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He belongs not just to Arabs, not just to Asia but to the whole world; he is not just for the Muslims, not just for mankind but for all creation. He is not just an ideal human, not just an ideal Prophet but is the ideal creation. One can therefore see in the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) an universal self. If the Muslims say that He is their Prophet and He is the Greatest Prophet, then, this will not be His true and complete description. We have to understand that He is not just a Prophet for the Muslims, he is Rahamatullu Alamin, that is, He is a blessing for all creation. Just as Muslims can call Him to be their own, so can Parsis, Hindus and Christians. He is a paradigm and a pathfinder for everyone. Prophet Mohammadh as said that mankinds the crowning creation of God, and the most beloved of all; the descendants of Prophet Ibrahim, Christians, Jews and Muslims are all cousin-brothers.



During the greater part of the10th Arabic calendar year, Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was engaged primarily in sending His emissaries to various places, and in receiving representatives from different groups. He had also established a system of tax collection from subject nations and groups.

In this year, Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) had faced an extremely difficult challenge in His personal life which He overcame through enormous patience and forbearance. His son Ibrahim had passed away at the age of seventeen or eighteen months. Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was deeply saddened by his death and wept copious tears sitting next to his death bed.

In time, the10th Arabic calendar year too was coming to an end. Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon him) made plans to go to Holy Haj (pilgrimage) that year at

the end of the month of Jilkad. His plans were announced to the public. Immediately, a great wave of zeal and preparation came about, and thousands of faithful Muslims made plans to accompany Him to Holy Haj.

Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) decided to have His family accompany Him. This was His last Holy Haj, and is thereby known as the " Holy Farewell Haj."

On the way, thousand of Muslims joined Him in this historical Holy Haj. He arrived at Holy Mecca on the fifth day of the month of Jilhuch, with one hundred thousand faithful followers.

Arriving at the gates of Holy Mecca, He sighted the Holy Kabbah Hall. Immediately, His voice was filled with piety and He raised both His hands and began to pray thus: "Oh God! Kindly make this place forever pure and forever great, and ameliorate the happiness and peace, the respect and status of all the believers who come to pray here."

Thereafter the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) came to the Holy Kabbah with His one hundred and twenty thousand disciples and circled it seven times.

The day of the Holy Haj arrived. The outskirts of The Holy Kabbah resounded with the praying voices of thousands of believers. What heavenly scene was manifested that day without images, without priests, only the presence of The All Powerful, Formless Creator, His Prophet and His followers.

The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) together with the faithful journeyed towards Mount Arafat, in Holy Mecca, where Prophet Adam and his wife Eve first met after being expelled from Heaven and being separated for three hundred and sixty years. Then standing on Mount Meena, facing a vast populace of believers, He uttered the following pronouncement for the benefit of all mankind (the spot where He stood and gave His last speech during His Holy Farewell Haj, has a structure named "Jabale Rahamat", to preserve and carry on even today His true and Holy remembrance. This spot is exactly where Prophet Adam and Eve were reunited by the Mercy of God).

"Oh my beloved followers! Listen carefully to what I am about to say today. I fear I will not have the opportunity to be able to meet with you at Holy Haj again."

"Oh my fellow Muslims! Forget all the practices of the past dark times, and learn to follow the light of the new path. From today, all the false superstitions, iniquities, injustices and sins of the past are absolved and canceled."

"Remember that all Muslims are brethren. No one is greater or lesser than the other, and everyone is equal in the eyes of God The Merciful. Do not forget the lot of women. Just as men have rights over women, so too women have rights over men. Do not be unjust to them. Remember you have accepted the women in your life with God as your Witness."

"Beware! Do not be overzealous about religion. This has brought on the destruction of many other races. Know that the life and possessions of every Muslim is sacred, as sacred as is this day. Each one of your life and possessions is sacred. Beware all Muslims! Do not disobey your leaders. Even if a dutiful hapshi slave becomes your ruler, and if he leads you according to the dictates of The Holy Book, follow him without hesitation. Always be just to your vassals and slaves, and do not mistreat them. They should eat what you eat, and they should wear what you wear. Do not forget that they too are human beings."

"Beware! Do not let the sins of idolatry touch you. Do not steal or lie or go into the path of depravity. Keep yourself free from all uncleanness and lead a Holy life; always tell the truth. Remember! One day you too will have to return to the Creator, and on that day you will have to answer to Him for your actions and deeds. Do not boast about your ancestry. The wrath of God will descend upon him who conceals his true origins and boasts of a false ancestry out of pride."

" Oh my followers! If you follow what I am leaving you, you will never falter. What is this treasure? These are Gods Holy Koran, The Example of His Prophet and The Ahley Bayeat."( The Ahley Bayeat are the descendants of the Prophet Mohammad ( Peace Be Upon Him) Hazrat Hassan, Hazrat Hossein, Fatima, and the Fourth Khaliph, The Great Ali (Peace Be Upon Them))

"Know for certainty that there will be no other Prophet after me. I am the Last Prophet. Those who are present here, are to carry my words I have said today, to other Muslims who are not here."

His visage became increasingly resplendent with a glow. His voice became deep and gentle with feeling. Looking up at the vaulting sky, He said: "Oh My Creator! My Lord! Have I been able to send Your message? Have I been able to fulfill my duties?"

From thousands of voices, came the words: "Absolutely! Absolutely!" Then with an entreating voice, again He said: "Oh My Lord! Hearken and bear witness! They are saying that I have fulfilled my duties." Overcome with feeling and piety, He became silent and His countenance glowed with the light of Heaven.

With this the last Ayat of The Holy Koran is expressed: " God The Almighty said: "Oh Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him)! You have completed your deen (duties)

and have fulfilled your nyamet (obligations) towards me. I accept Islam as My true religion, and The Holy Koran is a complete quote of human life." "

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him ) became silent and meditative briefly. The vast group of believers too became silent. Then He opened his eyes, and with a loving glance toward the faithful, declared: "Farewell". An unseen and indescribable pain of separation cast its shadow in everyones heart.

The principal aspect of Prophet Mohammeds Peace Be Upon Him) last speech during the farewell Haj, is a directive for following the Holy Koran. The Ahley Bayeat comprised The Prophet Mohammads (Peace Be Upon Him) two grandsons, Hazrat Hassan and Hazrat Hossein, His Daughter, their mother Fatima, and their father The Great Kaliph Ali. It is a painful and distressing history of Islam that the Ahley Bayeat was killed by the so called Muslims working for a conspiracy devised by the Jews. Hazrat Hossein was killed in Karbalah, Iraq, Hazrat Hassan and Fatima in Medina, and The Great Ali in Kufa Karbala, Iraq (Peace Be Upon Them). This cruel and heartless slaughter in the Kabbah Hall was planned by the Jalems, numbering 22,000 Namdhari Muslims, under the leadership and planning of Yajid Ibn Muabia within a conspiracy by the Jews. From amongst them, later, many non believers, who were opposed to the Khareji, the Shia, the Wahabi, had tried to carry out, under the protection of the Christians and the Jews, a heinous conspiracy to eradicate forever from the face of the earth the Pure Path of Islam and the legacy of The Ahley Bayeat In realty, by the Grace of Almighty God and His Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), only one member of the Prophets (Peace Be Upon Him) descendants, because he was ill, escaped from the murders at the Kabbah. He was Hazrat Imam Jaynal Abedin. It is regrettable but true that the descendants of the above mentioned 22,000 Muslims, are for selfish and self- serving reasons, engaged in the lowly act of serving the Jews today. They have spread their influence worldwide.

On the other hand, the descendants of Hazrat Imam Jainul Abedin, the true Muslims, have gone all over the world to spread the teachings of Pure Islam. They have raised the flag of The Ahley Bayeat and had preached the true religion of The Holy Koran and the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). They have kept the teachings and the words of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) firmly established on Earth, and are the true soldiers; they will be in the forefront as soldiers of The Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Them). Since with the advent of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), the gates of the coming of any other prophets, have been closed, there will be no other prophet on Earth. Only the teachings of the Belayet, the teaching of the real and true spirituality of Islam led by the descendants of the Ahley Bayeat ( Peace Be Upon Them) will be extant. Before the appearance of the Imam Mahdi(Peace Be Upon Him), there will come from the lineage of Hazrat Jamil Abadin, The Great Sufi Saint, Hazrat Barpir Mahiuddin Abdul Kader Jainal of Bagdad, Founder of The Kaderia Sufi Order, Hazrat Khaja Mainuddin Sisti Garib Newaz of Ajmir, India, Founder of The Sisti Sufi Order, Hazrat Bahauddin Naksbandi of Russia, Founder of The Naksabandi Sufi Order, and Mojaddedey Alfesani Serhendi of West Punjab, Founder of The Mojaddedia Sufi Order. With the influence of the notable Great Alis of all ages, pure Islam will prevail on earth before the coming of the Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Them). In accordance with The Holy Koran and The Old Testament of The holy Bible, the life, soul and the spirit of Jesus Christ are under the protection and direct control of God The Almighty in Spiritual Heaven. With the advent of The Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him), Prophet Jesus will leave His previous Self and be overwhelmed by His feelings towards Islam. After receiving His instructions for creating universal peace and order from the Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him), He will join Him (Peace Be Upon Him) to cocreate Heavenly peace on Earth. By completely uprooting Christianity and Judaism, they will establish The Almighty Gods true monotheism, and within the dictates of Islam establish true Heavenly Peace on Earth with truth and justice for all. Mankind will enjoy full security, a peaceful existence and Heavenly atmosphere on this planet earth.


It is necessary to mention here with deep regret that no country in the world has a true Koranic constitution. At the time of The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), He together with His four Khaliphs (Peace Be Upon Them) ruled the land according to the dictates of The Holy Koran. The Capital of their nation was Holy Medina. After the passing of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), His bosom friend Khaliph Abu Bakar and the other three Khaliphs Omar the Great, Osman the Great and Ali the Great (Peace Be Upon Them) were assassinated by a conspiracy of Their so called followers and the Jews because They (Peace Be Upon Them) tried to establish the Koranic constitution.

The Grandsons of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) were Hazrat Hassan and Hazrat Hossein who were also the children of the Prophet Mohammad's (Peace Be Upon Him) daughter Fatima and her husband The Great Ali. These three great personages, Hazrat Hassan, Hazrat Hossein The Great Ali from Prophet Mohammad's (Peace Be Upon Him) family tried to institute the Koranic administrations, law and order in the Islamic world, following the footsteps of their Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and the four Khaliphs (Peace Be Upon Them). These three Supremely Holy Persons (Peace Be Upon Them) were also assassinated by their false followers and the Jews.

In the period of The Umaiyah Dynasty, a ruler named the Great Omar ibn Abdul Aziz tried to establish Koranic rule on this planet, but he was immediately murdered. After him, there has been no one who has even tried to establish Koranic administration or Islamic rule in the Islamic countries. Regrettably, since the first four Khaliphs (Peace Be Upon Them) till the present time, no country has established a true Koranic administration and constitution. Some Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, are playing games in the name of The Holy Koran rule but are not really following the true Koranic administration. The Great Sufi Saint Sheik Niamutullah of Kashmir predicted , in His fifty two Persian poems, that there will be no true Koranic administration in contemporary Saudi Arabia. They are using the Koranic administration to further their interest and consolidate their power. According to the prophecy, the so called rulers will be banished from the planet forever and their names will appear as the most oppressive on earth. At the time of the coming of The Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him) and Christ, the Middle East will be the focal point of the legacy of the Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him) and Jesus Christ peace mission. After the coming of The Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him), the true Koranic administration will be established based on the Holy Koran. At that time the world will be created as Heaven on Earth. People of all colors and races will benefit with peace on earth. This enormously significant event is expected to take place by the year 2002.


A Brief Account of the Life and Prophecies of Hazrat Shah Nyametullah

It is said that Hazrat Shah Nyametullah was born during the rule of the Sultan Raju Khan Turkman. His father was the venerable Mir Sayed Ataullah, and he was born in the city of Naranwal in Kashmir; this is why he is renowned everywhere as Oley Kashmir and Shah-E-Hamdan.

By the Grace of God The Almighty, Hazrat Shah Nyametullah began to speak fluently even before he was weaned from his mothers breast. His respected father, who loved learning, left this world when he was just a child. His father was a notable personage in Sultan Raju Khans court, and upon hearing about his death, the Sultans wife Yateem took on the responsibility of bringing him up and educating him. She arranged to have him tutored together with her sons. Only at the age of thirteen, Hazrat Shah Nyametullah became well versed in the spiritual instructions as well as in archery, swordsmanship and other aspects of warfare. But he was always disinterested in everyday life. He received his first spiritual orders from the contemporary Hazrat Sheik Mohammad. To gain further knowledge, he became a disciple of the very learned Hazrat Hakim Jibrail Daulatabadi, who, impressed with his students powers, had his daughter married to him.

Hazrat Shah Nyametullah then went to Ferozepur and received his spiritual powers from his spiritual teacher, spending sixteen years in hardship there People began to hear of his

many extraordinary and fabulous words there; at particular times he would make certain pronouncements which could have only come from someone blessed with The Almighty Gods spiritual and special powers. For this reason, he came to be known as Shah-E-Hamdan of Kashmir.

His most notable composition is a translation of The Holy Koran in Farsi; the number of words in the translation equals exactly the number present in the original Holy Koran.

Of his many predictions composed in prose and verse, none of the prose versions are extant today, and only some of the prophecies in verse have survived.

The predictions he made over eight hundred years ago, in his fifty six poems in Farsi, have been proven to be true from the rule of Timurlane, the First and the Second World Wars and other world historical events. Additionally, His Eminency Dr. Shah Sheik Sufi M.N. Alam has based much of the work in his "Millennium Prophecy" on the predictions made by Hazrat Sheik Nyametullah in his Farsi poems.


Prophet Ibrahims grandson Prophet Jacobs other name was Israel, the Chosen of God. Prophet Ibrahim Khalilullah, although he was the son of the Emperor Namruds chief priest, spread the words of monotheism and protested strongly against the ruler. For this the idol worshipping Emperor Namrud, angered, cast him into the fire. With the limitless Grace of God, the Father of the Muslims, Christians and Jews, Prophet Ibrahim, came out of the fire unscathed. Leaving his ancestral home Iraq, he traveled on foot to Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, preaching the words of the true believer.

In His old age, as desired by The Almighty, He had slit the throat of His loving son Ismael as a sacrifice to God. Thus Prophet Ibrahim , from the beginning to the end of His life had set an example of unswerving sacrifice and unquestioning belief. As reward for His devotion, many Prophets were born amongst His descendants who also ruled the world in various ages. Another son of Prophet Ibrahim, Prophet Isaac became famous and revered amongst all the prophets, and His descendants came to be known as the Israelites. This branch of Prophet Ibrahims family, with the Grace of God, became established as the rulers of the world for a long period of time. One branch of this family came to be known as the Jews; it may be mentioned here that a descendent of Prophet Jacob was called Yehuda.

Prophet Ibrahim, after preaching in Iran, settled in Syria, and later his grandson Jacob went to Egypt. With the Grace of God, Prophet Jacobs other son Joseph became the ruler of Egypt; he brought his parents, brothers and other relatives from Syria to Egypt. Thus the Israelites started living in Egypt and their descendants settled all over the country.

Almost four hundred years later, the Israelites lost their power in Egypt, and the rule was transferred to the Pharaohs who proceeded to treat the Israelites as slaves. Later, driven by the fear of losing their power and hegemony, the autocratic Pharaohs cruelly murdered all the male children of the Israelites.

With the Grace of God, Prophet Moses was not only saved from being killed by the Pharaohs, but he was brought up in the royal Pharaoan household. After He became a Prophet, Prophet Moses gathered all the Israelites to save them from the cruel hand of the Pharaohs, and one night left Egypt with them. Together with his soldiers, the Pharaoh began to chase them; however with the Grace of God, the sea parted to make way for the Israelites. When the Pharaoh followed, the same waters came together again, drowning the Pharaoh and his soldiers.

After crossing the sea, the Israelites came to the desert in the Sinai area. To provide them relief from the effects of the relentless sun and extreme thirst, clouds for shade, hail for water to drink and food called manna and salwah were sent forth. Even after receiving these gifts from God, the Israelites, made idols of cattle and other animals and began to worship them after Moses, as commanded by God, had brought them to Mount Sinai. When Prophet Moses returned, they repented and was forgiven by God for their sins. Yet again, when Prophet Moses commanded them to fight for their faith, they refused and declared: "Prophet Moses you and your followers may fight; we shall not move an inch from our place." Because of this mentality, they roamed homeless like Bedouins for forty years. Even Prophet Moses was called to the Gates of God. However, later the Israelites regained their power and began to rule Palestine.

Later the Israelites again began to act against God, and as punishment, a cruel ruler named King Jalut was sent forth to govern them. Unable to withstand the cruelties visited upon them by the ruler King Jalut, they repented and supplicated to God. Consequently, following a great man named Talat, the Israelites became free of King Jalut. After King Jalut, under the leadership of Prophet David and then Prophet Solomon, the Israelites created a state of great wealth and prosperity.

After Prophet Solomons rule, The Israelites, consumed with their great wealth and prosperity, began again to disobey the laws of God, descending to the lowest depth of depravity. Their spiritual leaders, following the wishes of the powerful, continued to provide support for the wayward acts of their rulers. Thus such iniquitous acts began to spread roots extensively to the corners of life and society. With the outward appearances of the true believer, they continued to descend far in the opposite direction. Cruelty towards the weak, interest based commerce, prurience and obscene orgies became the daily norm of their society.

In order to lead them to the correct path, God The Almighty sent forth thousands of prophets to earth. They appeared on earth and attempted to save the sinners who had delved to the deepest depths of sin and iniquity. But sinfulness and aberration had made them totally desperate, and they did not hesitate to mistreat the prophets in a most unjust and heinous way. In fact, they did not hesitate to cruelly murder many of the prophets who were sent to earth by God Himself.

Below are some the sinful acts committed by the Jews:

1. After the rule of Prophet Solomon, the land of the Israelites became divided into two states called Yehudia and Israel. Because of mutual enmity and a consequent desire to destroy each other, the two states began to form alliances with outside factions. Prophet Harun, with instructions from The Lord, warned the Israelites of the attendant dangers of their policies, but the contemporary ruler of Israel, instead of heeding the admonitions of Prophet Harun, imprisoned him.

2. Thereafter, Prophet Illias started a movement against idol worship and entreated the people to return to monotheism. The Israeli ruler Akhiab, to please his Egyptian wife, ordered to have Him killed, but with the Grace of God, The Prophet escaped and was compelled to seek refuge in a mountain near Sinai.

3. For committing the crime of speaking the truth, the above mentioned Akhiab imprisoned Prophet Illias and deprived him of food and drink.

4. After the Assyrians destroyed Israel, the condition of the land of the Jews became desperate; they had willfully killed thousands of Prophets.Yet attending to their predicament, they continued to gleefully defy the Laws of God. Prophet Jesus gave them warning, and after traveling to the remotest corners of the land, He entreated them to return to the Holy Ways of God, but, instead of paying heed to his admonitions and teachings, the Jews continued to taunt, harass and even assault Him physically. In order to suffocate Him to death, they had tied Him up and strung Him up in a tank full of mud.

5. Obscene acts performed against all standard of decency and decorum became more prevalent everyday in the court of the Israeli ruler Herod. The Prophet Yahiah protested against such sinful practices and warned the public of the consequences, and the king had him murdered, and presented his head to one of his favorites.

6. Prophet Jesus fell in disfavor with the religious and political factions of the Jews when He spoke the truth about their acts against the dictates of God who conspired against Him for entreating them to come back to the ways of God. When the Jews could not persuade and change Him from preaching and following the ways of The Almighty God, they proceeded to prepare a case against Him with false accusations and had Him condemned to death. At the same time, at a gathering of rabbis and politicians at the court of King Pilatuch, it was announced that one man will be freed because of the religious holidays. When the King inquired whether The Prophet Jesus or the criminal Barabbas was to be freed, the crowd shouted: " Give us Barabbas" condemning the Prophet to death.

These examples are taken from the Bible; there are many more examples in The Holy Koran of the heinous acts committed by the Jews.

The Jews, Zionism and The State of Israel

Another descendent of Prophet Jacob was Yehudah. Later one of the branches of his family, began to call themselves the Jews. However Zionism began at the end of the nineteenth century. The Jews, cursed by God, were dispersed all over the world, and had no home of their own. In the last century, Jewish leaders around the world started a movement from Mount Zion to establish a Jewish State, and this movement came to be known as Zionism. On 29th August, 1898, The World Jewish Congress convened in Switzerland, where the following agenda was agreed upon:

1. The Jews must work, from an established plan, in the fields of agriculture and commerce.

2. To unite all Jews, organizations are to be created at both local an national levels.

3. A work plan was to be formulated to engender strong feelings of nationalism amongst the Jews.Needless to say, the Jews were working diligently according to the above three sided plan, while the Muslims were spending their lives in luxurious ease. As a result of this, the State of Israel was created on May 14, 1948. This has been the focal point of the most barbaric act in history, and the powerful United States and Great Britain had provided full support for the creation and establishment of the State of Israel.



(Revised Press Release May 5, 2003)


The Human Being and His Religious Philosophy

All true believers believe that mankind in the present has come into existence through the first man and woman, Prophet Adam (pbuh) and Eve (pbuh). The complete code of life bestowed by God, The Almighty, for the auspicious, righteous mode of living of Adam (pbuh) and Eve (pbuh) is called Islam. Islam is the code of life for all mankind, prescribed by God, The Almighty, and communicated through His Chosen Prophets. Since Prophet Adam (pbuh), one hundred twenty four thousand prophets have been chosen to serve innumerable communities in different times. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was the last Prophet of this series and the Viceroy of God for all mankind.

Therefore, Islam is the first, last and only religion, and in essence it is the scientific and practical philosophy of life. The basic tenet of Islam is to surrender absolutely to God, and to conduct life in accordance with the provisions of The Holy Koran and the prescriptions of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), and to inevitably get protection and happiness in this life and the next.

Out of approximately five billion people in the world it is surprising that about four billion do not admit Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) as the Prophet chosen by God, The Almighty, nor do they accept the Holy Koran as a divine revelation. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is the sole demonstrator and exhibitor of the righteous path for all mankind and should be seen as omnipresent.

Nuclear Catastrophe Will Occur

A prediction by scholars:

Four thousand and thirty years ago, in the time of Prophet Noah (pbuh), the first civilization was destroyed by horrendous floods, giving rise to the second civilization on Earth created by Prophet Noahs (pbuh) three sons. Similarly, during the second civilization, most human beings will be destroyed by disasters such as fire because of their sinful practice of atheism, sexual violence and indulgence, just as happened to the fate of men and women during the time of Prophet Noah (pbuh).Very few religious and pious men will be saved from this nuclear destruction before the start of the third civilization.The vast research on 39:53 Ayat (sentences of the Holy Koran) suggests that after 1401 Hijrah (the year 1981) humans will begin destroying their own civilization. Fifteen Hijrah began on November 10th, 1981. Twenty-five years from 1401 Hijrah (1425 Hijrah/2006 AD) the world will go to apocalyptic collapse and ruin. After 2006 AD the human community will establish a peaceful third civilization, which will continue to progress for a thousand years. During this time, utopian ideology of peace and love will permeate the world leaving no room for discrimination amongst each other. Men and women will always think selflessly toward the peace of others. In fact, the world could be compared to the original Eden of 6000 years ago. According to the Holy Bible, "They shall be done on Earth as it is in the Heaven."

As mentioned above, mankind will live indiscriminately towards race, religion and color to build up a virtuous and peaceful Heaven. How and by whom will it be possible for all human beings to live together in peace encompassing those of the same faith? How will it be possible for different nations to believe in secularism? Is it believable? The answer from ordinary people will be negative, but for the wise it is much more possible. Before explaining how it is possible I will explain whether or not there are any reasonable and believable documents in favor of the great leaders arrival. Every learned Muslim knows that a reformer will come for mankind, as the demonstrator of Islam, named Imam Mahdi (pbuh). He will establish a philosophy of monotheism (Tawhid) in the world, and circulate within a geographical region, following the footprints of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). People will again live peacefully and in brotherhood, accepting Imam Mahdi (pbuh) as world leader.

He will become involved in several crusades with the Jews and Christians before establishing a utopian world. With the blessing of God, The Almighty, Iman Mahdi (pbuh) will set mankind free from The Curse of the Babel Tower that was placed upon the Emperor of Babylon, Namrud 4500 years ago. The Almighty God will perform his promise, " I must make Islam victorious upon other religions" and consequently dismiss jealousy, anger, ideological discrimination and all problems arising from race, religion, color and language.

Prophecies in Other Holy Books About The Arrival of Imam Mahdi (pbuh)

It is found that through research and deliberation of different Holy Books of the world, that a savior blessed by God, the Almighty, will come. It is mentioned in every religious book (Hindu, Jewish and Christian), that there is a belief of one worldwide true religion that will be successful in inviting peace into the hearts of men and women.

Emperor Namruds Dream

Emperor Namrud had a dream that a child would be born in the genealogy of His Holiness Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), the last prophet of mankind and descendant of Prophet Abraham (pbuh). He will uproot all aberrant and created religions that sprouted from Namruds ideology of the world. God, the Almighty, will help and direct him greatly in this affair, by destroying all evil powers and prejudices in an incomplete world. He will educate the whole world in the teaching of the Doctrine of Oneness, and change whatever world weapons exist to productive instruments. During His reign people will stop thinking of war, for there will be no need. World peace will be established through his leadership, which will start immediately after the year 2004 AD and continue for forty thereafter.

A Prediction by Jamshed, The Disciple of Persian Pastor Zeurthurst

The prediction (labeled Zamsafenam) by the famous Persian Pastor and astrologist Jamshed, the disciple of Zeurthrust, states that when all the heavenly bodies remain in a certain position, an Arab will be born. He will have an ideal tall and well-shaped physical structure and will follow his forefathers religion. This child will establish the religion of true justice worldwide. The inhabitants of the world, irrespective of nation and color, will worship the only One Creator, and be united in brotherhood under his leadership.

The Kolkee Puran: Sacred Book of the Hindu Religion

The arrival of the hermit person and his acts to establish world peace is also mentioned in the Kolkee Puran the ancient Hindu religious text. Around thirty five years ago on about the fifth and sixth page of the Kolkee Puran, a picture of the worlds situation before the arrival of this hermit person was drawn. The sacred book states that:

1. The world will be deteriorating in all aspects of life and there will be decadence in all points of moral character.

2. Children will become a problem to their parents causing nothing but pain and sorrow instead of happiness.

3. People will help dishonest evil man rather than the opposite. The activities of these men will also be rationalized by twisted logic.

4. The business of intoxication and drug trafficking will spread out all over becoming popular and accepted.

5. People will respect rich and influential persons even though these persons do not deserve respect.

6.There will be widespread practice of accepting interest and bribes. The persons engaged in these activities will be respected.

7. The pious, honest and righteous will prefer staying in their own home rather than establishing their positions in society.

8. Students will dishonor their teachers with words, works, behavior and attitude. They will think it a credit to disrespect their religious leaders and teachers.

9. Dishonest people will take subscription from innocent people by misusing the name of religion and social welfare programs.

10. Children will marry demonstrating their own preferences without their parents permission. There will be illicit relations between boys and girls as a result of promiscuity, and they will do it without hesitation.

11.Inexperienced, ignorant and dishonest persons will become group, state and society leaders. They will mislead the innocent people by their own fabricated doctrine and ideology.

12. The unemployed people and the poor engage themselves to become pastors, deceitful religious leaders and will cheat the people into performing ineffective religious activities.

13. There will be less production of grains and scarcity of food, but there will be crops in lands with irrigation. There will be no rain but many clouds. Moreoverthere will be either an excess or lack of rain.

14.Women of respectable families will become intimate with outsiders and strangers, and in some cases love them more than their husbands.

15. In all cases the states will impose taxes on citizens and as a result the miseries of the people will have no bound.

16. Enjoyment, happiness and contentment will cease.

On page one of the Kulkee Puran, the Holy book of the Hindu religion, it is said that once the above situations occur, a man from the family of the Prophet (pbuh) will appear on Sumble Island (located in the secluded Arabian Desert).

Max Mueller, a noted German historian, described this Arab on Sumble Island. His fathers name will be Vishnubhat or Vishnugash (means Abdullah - servant) and the mothers name will be Sumati (means Amena - honorable lady). That person will preach his ancestors religion. Once this child reaches maturity, he will remove the leaders, who denied the people freedom and honesty from this universe. He will establish the religion consisting of the monotheism, honesty and kindness. The world will be void of war leaving only peacefullness through his leadership.

A Discussion On Imam Mahdi (pbuh) in Light of The Holy Koran and Hadith by Shah Sufi MOHAMMAD NURUL ALAM (Islamic Researcher and Scholar)

Apart from the Holy Book of Torah and the Bible, the last great Prophet of Islam, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), predicted the arrival of this great leader. He has said that the second civilization of mankind will not come to an end until Imam Mahdi (SM) (the demonstrator to will-way) will be born in the midst of his descendants. Imam Uzzaman-Ki Amad and Imam Mahdi (pbuh) will be born before the death of Turkeys second president (page 21, Imam-Uz-Zama-Ki Amad). We know that the name of Turkeys second president was Ismat Enuns, who lived until 1972. Therefore, it can be said that Imam Mahdi (pbuh) was born around this time. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) foretold that Imam Mahdi (pbuh) would be born in a section of Fatima, known as Sayed. He would resemble our Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and even the name of the parents would be similar to those of The Prophet (pbuh). His physique, manners and behavior will resemble those of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), and he will be born from a peasant family in Holy Holy Medina Sharif on Monday at dawn. It was said that he would be born before the end of Hijrah 1400, which corresponds to the year 1980. His education will include Gods teachings (Elme-Luduni) and he will start preaching to people at the age of forty years.

Eight hundred years ago Sheikh Niyamutullah (may God bless Him) of Mokhara foretold that Imam Mahdi (pbuh) would be born some time near Hijrah 1380.

Hazrat Abdul Kadir Zilani, the Head Pastor of Baghdad, foretold that the birth of Mozaddet Al-Fasani (may God bless Him) would occur four hundred years after his death. In fact this event occurred exactly four hundred years as prophecized. He predicted that once Hazrat Mozaddet Al-Fasani (mAbH) had reached maturity, a world leader and reformer named Ahmed would come, also four hundred years after his death, which happens to be the beginning of the 17th Hijrah (2004 AD). Therefore, it can be expected that Imam Mahdis arrival will inevitably be around the year 2004 AD.

.Hazrat Shah Sufi Abu Bakar Siddique, a religious leader and inhabitant of the Holy Furfura Sharif, has told the young people of Medinipur, Noakhali and Laxmipur that the next reformer (Mozaddet) would be Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

Dr. T.H. Rampa, a Tibetan with supernatural powers, has written a profound thesis on the Tibetian religious, mythological data entitled "Chapter of Life", in which he mentions that near the year 2002 a world religious leader will be heralded. With his arrival, the worlds state will change entirely and enter into a new era of development through his leadership. People will be able to communicate from far distances not only among each other, but also with animals. They will also be able to foresee the future with help of supernatural powers. A revolution in religious rejuvenation in man and woman will also occur. Dr. T.H. Rampa further stated on page 138 of his thesis, that on February 5th, 1962 the Milky Ways celestial bodies will fall into a sixteenth position. Eventually, on May 5th, 2002 these same bodies (Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Saturn) will fall into the same position. This phenomenon will bring about a great change in civilization, as we know it. He also states that on the 5th day of May 2002 AD, the history of mankind will enter a new age where peace will reign.

According to him Imam Mahdi (pbuh) was born on February 5th, 1962. He will appear around the year 2002 AD, when he will be approximately forty years old.

The Hindi book Chetabani declares doomsday to be imminent, at two thirds of the 15th Hijrah, when Imam Mahdi (pbuh) will arrive. The famous Indian sadhu Rishi Arobindo Ghosh also stated that ancient knowledge and civilization will be removed, leaving nothing but the "will" to improve. We must prepare ourselves for the New Age.

The Chetabani further states that when global war will come, a "great being" will emerge destroying all firearms, carrying nothing but a sword. All creatures of God, The Almighty, will respect and obey his leadership, as He will make the universe a heaven through constant victories and one greatest international military force.

A famous London astrologer, Sheror cited that between 1960 and 1988 the situation of the world would be chaotic. In the spring (Baisakh) of 1998, Imam Mahdi (pbuh) will be born as a new age begins and falsehood halts (after 2002 A.D).

Four hundred years ago the renowned French astrologer and prophesizer Nostradamus, predicted the arrival of a world spiritual leader at the end of the current century. Through his leadership, the ideology of only one creator will be spread out, removing the Christian religion. It is also stated that this leader would be a follower of (pbuh). On page 172 of her book, Dixon reveals the ancestry of the child as, "...the child born in a humble peasant family is a descendant from an Egyptian Pharaoh and his queen..."

She herself, questioned, who this pharaoh was, describing him as Joseph the Great, grandson Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

It must be noted here, that Nostradamus had not mentioned the name of this leader, but from his description he resembles Imam Mahdi (pbuh).

Finally, we will learn of the birth and arrival of Imam Mahdi (pbuh) through the prediction of a person, who has foretold the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy and other incidents in China, Russia, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. She is an internationally renowned psychic, Jean Dixon. The innumerable predictions given by Hazrat Shah Sufi Dayemullah, a famous spiritual leader, greatly resemble those of Jean Dixon. She has foretold the future by computer and has written, "The Phenomenal, Jean Dixon" (1965) and "My Life and Prophecies" (1970). In her book "A Gift of Prophecy", on pages 162-173 she writes, that a child has been born on February 5th, 1962, in a peasant family. When the child reaches maturity he will use his religious and spiritual power to unite all people in the belief of one God. At the end of the present century, he will oversee the whole world. In 1980, Jean Dixon writes, that the people of the world will have a hint as to his presence and near 1991 he will be the holder of the greatest power. Dixon does not mention the name of this child, but from her description it resembles Imam Mahdi (pbuh). From Jean Dixon's word, this child of the East will posses spiritual powers to change peoples beliefs. This could only be Imam Mahdi of Prophet Abraham (pbuh). It appears that the Pharaoh and this "child savior" have some connection with a prophet of God from the family of Abraham (pbuh).

Abrahams (pbuh) descendant was Ismail and then Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), whose descendants were Fatima, Hassan and Hossain. All of which, are Imam Mahdis (pbuh) ancestors. There is a strong similarity between Hazrat Muhammads (pbuh) prophecy and Jean Dixon's prediction.

On describing Imam Mahdis (pbuh) character, Dixon Writes:

1. This childs birth and childhood will be like Jesus Christs (pbuh). (Dixon is a Christian and thus the reference to Christ).

2. Whenever I tried to look at this child deeply, who has been sent to mankind as a gift, I see great intelligence, wisdom and power in his eyes.

3. The child has been born with the capability to lead the world. "Thus the coming of the child is backed by the image of the rising sun, symbolizing the tremendous force at the disposal of this child who is to lead the world."

4. Just as Christ (pbuh) was taken from Herod to Egypt for his safety, this child of the East (Imam Mahdi) will be taken to Egypt as well. Why, Dixon cannot tell. She says, however, "...I do know that there are forces working around him, which protect him." (Page 204, My Life and Prophecies). We know that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) prophesied that the child, Imam Mahdi (pbuh), would be born in a farming village of Holy Holy Medina. Thus, Dixon's descriptions are accurate to the point. It can be held that, due to civil war in Arab territories, the child was sent to Egypt for his safety. world and the learning institutions will close down. Young people will take lessons from him and will work united as he embraces the world in his palm.

8. Mankind will feel the spiritual power of this great person from 1980 A.D (1401 A.H) and by 1992 AD people will be able to feel his super power.

5. Just as Hazrat Isha - Jesus Christ (pbuh) knew his importance at 12 years old, Imam Mahdi's (pbuh) power will influence him at 19. Dixon says, that at that time the child of the East will be conscious of his life's aim and objective. His supremacy and power will increase day after day. Before disclosing himself however, he will work quietly, surrounded only by devoted followers as early as the age of 10. "We shall not necessarily hear of him at that time (1973-74) but at this age he will become aware of his mission in life. He will then expand his influence and those around him will finally form a small nucleus of dedicated followers by the time he attains the age of 19 (1981 AD or the first of the fifteenth century Hijrah 1401)." He will work quietly with them, until he is finally disclosed (page 205, "My Life and Prophecies").

6. There will be no royal indication of his arrival. No king or emperor has come to welcome this great man, born in an auspicious moment. His arrival is the answer to the prayer of the unrest and tensed world. The inhabitants of this world will gradually feel the super power of this great person and in the next ten year (1980-1990) the situation of the universe will be changed to only one ideology without any war and suffering, combining all social, economical and political view points. It is worth mentioning here that by the dramatic failure of atheistic communism and socialism, people will be inclined towards democracy. She also said that the power of the child of the East will increase tremendously by 1999, and only after nuclear destruction will the world realize the object of his arrival.

7. When the age of the child reaches thirty years (by 1994), Christianity will be abolished from the earth.

To the Readers:

Any further discussion of the arrival of Imam Mahdi (pbuh) would be redundant. Just as Imam Mahdi (pbuh) is the "expected world reformer and leader", the nuclear war is the expected punishment to the atheists and the aberrants. Therefore, the atomic war, before Imam Mahdis (pbuh) arrival, is an inevitable prediction, which according to Jean Dixon is to take place within 1994. One can begin by analyzing the situation of the world before and after the benchmark period of Imam Mahdis (pbuh) arrival. I had a formal conversation with Jean Dixon in Washington D.C. in the first week of August 1994. I was hoping this meetings detailed information would bring positive news for mankind.

The World Before and After the Arrival of Imam Mahdi (pbuh)

It is said that Imam Mahdi (pbuh) bears a striking resemblance to the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Not in the sense of being a prophet, but as a Muzaded (world reformer) for the world state. The world-peace plan will remain in his hand, as he becomes an honored world-leader, eradicating corruption, mischief and prejudice from the world. The situation of the world before and after the arrival of this savior is as mentioned below

1. The rulers will use state property as their own. The persons governing the state will not think it illegal to use and enjoy state property.

2. Payment of Zakat, according to Islamic provision, will be considered acceptable in Islamic states.

The deposited property will be used without prior permission of the owner Deposits (Amanat) can be defined as work, in accordance with the liabilities imposed upon one, in words or practice.

4. Husbands will be controlled by their wives.

5. The wards will be disobedient of their parents and will make friendship with dishonest persons.

The most incompetent, illiterate and inexperienced persons will be the heads of state. They will control society and the state. Ordinary people will respect them in fear oft torture and oppression. People will not dare to protest their atheistic work; rather they will act in favor of them.

7. Religious teachings will become a profession in exchange of money.

8. The businesses of prostitution, gambling and drugs will be profitable.

9. The practice of music, dance and different past-times will have increased.

10. Adultery and frivolous carnal relations will increase in the name of women's liberty and progressiveness.

11. The so-called educated persons of modern times will consider the pious and honest persons of the previous age as foolish.

12. Religious teachings will be decreased. The famous intellectuals will be ignored. Mosques, Churches, Synagogues and Temples will be well built and decorated but direction towards the righteous path will no longer exist. Mosques, Churches and learning institutions will be managed under the leading of illegible and dishonest men.

13. Human beings will be shameless. The strength of faith (Islam) will be weak and there will exist no hesitation in performing evil actions.

14. The persons seriously involved in movies, dance and music will be nothing but corrupt. Females will earn money, dancing nude in front of males. Falsehood, hypocrisy and deceit will be considered as intelligence. Honest people will be considered as worthless and ones good character discouraged.

15. Distant relations will be preferable to close ones. In- laws will be more respectable then the actual parents.

16. There will be quarrels in Mosques and Churches over issues having nothing to do with Namaz (prayer).

17. Atheistic, autocratic and wicked people will take over the power of the state. Honest leadership will be removed from the world.

18. Atheistic, autocratic and wicked people will be more advanced than the Muslim. Muslims will leave their own tradition and culture to nourish non-Muslim culture.

19. The universe will be in a state of anarchy on account of torture and oppression.

The misinterpretation of religion, abstaining from religious learning and blood relation with Allah (Sherek) will be seen. Some people will earn money by showing false grave and will take donations, gifts and offerings (Mazar) demanding them as a pastor.

21. When the indications mentioned above will occur, the non-Muslims (Jews, Christians and idol worshippers) will occupy Muslim states by force. They will torture and oppress the Muslims in many ways and occupy the ruling Asian, African and European Muslim countries along with the Middle East.

22. There will be various changes in the natural position of the animal and plant kingdoms, along with massive climate changes. Muslims, who believe in God, will await the birth and arrival of Imam Mahdi (pbuh), while nonbelievers and people of other religion will wait for a savior. The true Muslims will respect his arrival. The Muslims, who are wise and endowed with intuition, will speak with Imam Mahdi (pbuh) through their latent power, while ordinary people will stay ignorant of his existence. After many moons have passed, Imam Mahdi (pbuh) will arrive for the necessity of the world.

Situation Before Nuclear War

Various Christian scholars of the western world, by analyzing their religious books, have come to the conclusion that human civilization is moving into the third phase through an interim period. Through a study of different books and a fruitful analysis by research organizations, it has become known that the current civilizations will be destroyed by 2002 AD and mankind will enter into an exceptional third civilization. Scholars have discovered through research, that mankind has been passing its interim time to step into a new era since 1914. The Year1914 has been designated as the beginning of the end.

The year 1914 was not an ordinary year. According to God's timetable that year ushered what the Bible calls the last days. (2 Tim 3.2)

Various important historic heads of state and prominent journalists designated the year 1914 as a different type of year.

"The last completely 'normal' year in history was 1913. The year before World War I."

- Times Herald Washington D.C. March 13th, 1949

"If the human race survives into the next century we may well conclude that the day the world went mad was August 4th, 1914."

- London STAR (August 4th, 1960)

"The year 1913 closed a long era of general peace and began a new era of violence, in which the Second World War was simply an episode. Since 1914, the world had a new character, a character of international anarchy... thus the world war marked a turning point in modern history."

- H.R Treve Roper, British Historian

August 1st, 1954

"If there was a tear that marked the end of an era and beginning of another it was 1914."

- A.L Roase Oxford Historian June 28th, 1969

"Since 1914, civilization has constantly deteriorated. Nowadays it is on the verge of collapse."

- New York News November 20th, 1960

The year 1914 was not an ordinary year. This can be understood from the above-mentioned observations.

From page 179 of "Babylon the Great has fallen" (Alexander Hislop), the limit of prophetic time of the prophets in the eyes of religion, is near three hundred and sixty years. Hazrat Daniel (pbuh) told about his seven years of peacefulness, while explaining the dreams of Nebuchand Nazar, the King of Babylon. If we multiply 360 years by 7 we get 2520 years. If we deduct 1914 from 2520 we will reach back to the year 607. This is the year King Nebuchand set Holy Jerusalem under fire along with the mosques of Muslims. He made the people worship a gold idol and pressured them into spreading this religion. It is known that God The Almighty, fixed a certain time for the Namrudians to become counted for that incident. Mankind will be advanced in science and knowledge within this time, but like Namrud and Nebuchand, it will be completely destroyed from this universe after the fixed time. This time started from 607 B.C. and ended by the year 1913. According to Cent Methun, this grace period will be continued for one generation. It is deducted from the above-mentioned information, that eighty five years from 1914 to 1999 makes a generation and the 25 years from 1974 to 1999 has been designated as the last days of present civilization.

"The Last Days", we are familiar with this phrase not only from the Holy Koran, but also from the Bible. In the Bible, it is mentioned that, " the last days perilous time shall come." (2 time 3.1)

Jesus Christ (pbuh) indicated in his speech, that nuclear war, among other horrors, would be seen throughout the world before global cataclysm. Jesus Christ (pbuh) has also given a list of these indications to his disciples. The last day will start and end when these indications are seen. He also cited that at the end of these indications he, Jesus Christ (pbuh), would come again in bodily form.

"Then Jesus began listing the worlds shaking events, that would constitute a sign marking the beginning and duration of the last days..." and what shall be a sign of coming back to Earth in bodily form as promised in Acts (1/1 1st Math 24/3).

Prior Indication of Destroying the Present Civilization Mentioned in the Bible:

1. The nations and states will become involved in conflict with one another.

2. There will be famine in many places of the world.

3. Epidemics and disease will rampant in many places of the world.

4. Earthquakes will occur in many locations of the world.

5. Disorder and anarchy will prevail over the entire world.

6. Children will be disobedient and ungrateful toward their parents.

7. People will become selfish, self-centered and will attain a materialistic ideology.

The number of pious people will be inferior to those, who are shallow

minded with a love for luxurious life.

9. The fraudulent activities of fake saints and priests will emerge and spread.

10. The world will lose its proper balance and will become unworthy of living.

The Tibetan religious book and the Kolkee Puran depict a similar picture about these last vital days. The world inhabitants are now passing through the last and crucial days that will be over by 1999 and then by the year 2002 will move towards a new era of civilization.

The Foresight of The Last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Regarding the general condition of the world immediately before the destruction of modern civilization:

1. Most of the people will have faith in the existence of God, but will disregard his presence and undervalue it because of their belief that everything is created through evolution and by Darwinian natural selection.

Even a large number of Muslims will disobey the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), and also the holy path shown by him. They will follow the path led by the devil and will do activities inconsistent with the Shariya (Islamic Law). Even then, they will think that they are in the right path and deserve Heaven as a reward of doing such acts. These "so-called" Muslims will dishonor and disobey the last prophet and his followers. They will, however, receive monetary aid from anti-Islam forces that will mislead believers by addressing them as anti-progress fundamentalists.

3. People around the world will be attracted towards materialistic education and will discard religious education.

4. Most of the people will read novels concerning adventurous romance or crime and sin oriented books instead of reading religious books.

The real intellectuals and honest people will be in distress because they will be deplored of proper honor. Their good suggestion will be discarded and they will be sometimes penalized by death sentences in spite of the fact that they actually hoped for human prosperity and welfare. The ruling class, even if it is worthless and undesired, will turn into the autocratic ruler hacked by unskilled and ignorant students and workers. Due to lack of religious education, all these leaders will bring disaster for the people rather than welfare.

7. Dishonor and disrespect shall increase by children toward their parents and the elderly. Students will be disobedient toward their teachers and will misbehave with them. Their respect toward religious teachers and preachers shall decrease.

8. The number of children, who are born from wedlock, shall increase, as will pre-marital sex, homosexuality and frivolous sex.

9. Dust and fume shall increase throughout the world (before the ultimate destruction) due to the product of industrial revolution - vehicles, vessels, trains and buses. The world environment will be unbalanced, and ecological instability will make living unsuitable.

10. Such problems shall emerge throughout different states of the world, which cannot be immediately resolved by governments.

11. Blood shedding, killing, famine, draught, earthquakes and similar natural disasters will occur in many places around the world.

12. The above incidents will occur from the beginning of 14th Hijah year. For further information see "Tafrihol Askiya Ahwaul Ambia" (2nd Volume pages no.450-485)

13. Religious leaders shall beg from people for improper reasons in the name of religion.

One thousand and four hundred years ago, Prophet Mhammad (pbuh) pronounced some prophecies, which have turned into reality. For instance, a few of them have been cited below regarding the ultimate nuclear war and the end of moderncivilization. People will have no doubt in their minds about the philosophy of Islam, and will show their allegiance and surrender to the almighty to follow the path described by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and avail the opportunity to die as a Muslim.

The Prophecies are as follows:

1. Eitna (Anarchy) will be created among the Arabs regarding religions and other matters. This means that the Arabs shall be unmindful toward the basic teachings of Islam and shall be attracted toward other futile (Bidati ) ideology. The Arabs shall drift away from the ideology of Islam.

The above fore sayings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) turned into reality verbatim.

2. Being influenced by the socialist and communist oriented state, Russia and the present Arab world (esp. Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Libya and U.A.E.) are fighting to form an Islamic socialist democracy in the light of their anti-God ideology.

3. Before the birth of Imam Mahdi (SM), Turkey shall be involved in war with Europe. (Page 21, Imam Ujjamauke Amad)

From the beginning of Hijrah year 1400 (1873-1980) Turkey shall be governed by a king for a thirty two year period. Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan ruled over Turkey from 1877-1919. At the end of his ruling period, Turkey was engaged in war and as a result the Islamic-Dynasty was broken into pieces. During the First World War in 1919, Mustafa Kamal Pasha evicted the last Emperor of Turkey named Abdul Hamid Khan and became the first president of Turkey.

4. The Arab states will revolt against the Turkish Empire (Tafsirul Asfia Fil Aual Ambia, 2nd Volume page No. 450). The European Community during the time of the First World War instigated the Arab states to revolt against Turkey, thereby dividing the Muslim Empire. Those knowledgeable in history know that during the First World War the Europeans conspired to diminish the integrity of Islamic nations. As a result, the Turkish Empire was broken into pieces, which rooted the seed of separation between the Muslims of the world.

5. As the British were fatigued and economically damaged due to the Second World War, they sought assistance from the world's greatest capitalist force, the Jews, to reconstruct their damaged economy. The Jews promised to meet their needs if the British would comply with one condition: to give the sacred lands of the Arabs (i.e. Palestine) to them as the price for aiding and rebuilding their economy. As it has been mentioned earlier, after the First World War most of the Arab states were either officially controlled or under Europes subtle manipulation. Especially Britain and France took active roles in the domination of the Arab states. The fore saying of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) regarding the betrayal of Europe and the construction of Israel, which was written about fourteen hundred years ago, was proven to be true and accurate.

6. Rome shall be defeated by the European greater force. This foresight was also realized during the Second World War.

Dome of The Rock

This rock is located near Masjidul Aqsa in the Holy Land of Jerusalem. Until the plight of Prophet Noah (pbuh), this rock had been hovering in mid-air for 4000 years, which is inconsistent with the formulas of science. No object can float in mid-air in a normal stage, because according to Newton's Law of Gravity the Earths magnetic force attracts any object. By the grace of Allah, the almighty, the rock had been floating for 4000 years until its descent. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had performed the journey to heaven ( Meraj) from this rock, as it accompanied him until he reached space. This rock is kept in an enclosed space. On doomsday, God, The Almighty, shall be seated on this rock and carry on the judgment. Hazrat Omar (pbuh) has taken measures to preserve this rock. The Arabic name of this rock is Kubbatus Sakra. In 1988 I saw the rock with my own eyes when I went to visit the Al Aqsa Mosque as a representative of the U.N. The scimitar of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the rope of Hazrat Ali (pbuh) are preserved with care. The Holy Koran written by Hazrat Hasan (pbuh) is also kept in the

Dome of the Rock Museum. According to Sufi Cosmology the Day of Judgment will occur here.

The Events to Take Place After and Before The Birth of Imam Mahdi (pbuh) as Foretold by Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh)

1. The occupation of the Holy land of the Arabs by Israel. The defeat of the enormous Arab force to the small state (with the help of other strong powers). The reasons of the defeat have been mentioned as follows:

a. Greed toward Earthly luxuries and attraction for liquor and women.

b. They shall be nonchalant towards a religion and shall opt for communism.

c. The Muslim brethren (who preach of Islam) shall be tortured.

d. They shall be afraid of war and death for the good.

The above-mentioned predictions have been proven true by the aggression of the sacred land of the Arabs and Jerusalem by Israel in the Israeli War of 1967.

2. Jerusalem will be out of the Muslims control. The foretelling of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) after the birth of Imam Madhi (pbuh) said that Jerusalem and all other Muslim oriented areas would be out of control. This premonition proved to be true in 1967.

3. Syria and its allied powers were defeated. Hazrat Ali (pbuh) has foretold that Syria and its allied powers (Iraq, Egypt and other states) shall be defeated by Euro-Americans (Russians). The 1967 war also proved this.

4. A non-Muslim state in Asia shall be converted into a Muslim state. The majority shall oppress a Muslim minority nation on the Asian continent.

5. A non-Muslim ruler shall suddenly convert to Islam.

6. After the Cultural Revolution in the Chinese Communist Party, it shall declare itself an Islamic Republic after a serious internal blood-battles. The Islamic spiritual leader Azimpur Dayra Sharif claims the Third World War, the arrival of Imam Mahdi (pbuh) and ultimately the Qiyamat (Day of Judgment) are in the light of the Holy Koran.

The Predictions of Hazrat Shah Sufi MOHAMMAD NURUL ALAM (pbuh)

1. A day shall come when the Islamic countries shall be in a complex position. Muslims shall be oppressed and their inclination toward westernization will destroy them.

2. Great cities will emerge with towering skyscrapers, which will eventually be destroyed for their own sins. When the inhabitants of these cities call themselves the most civilized beings, Allah, the almighty, will destroy them. The civilized lifestyle they conceived of shall comprise alcohol, gambling, and explicit sexual activities between both sexes. These signs have already manifested in New York, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, Tokyo, Shanhai, Paris, London, etc.

3. He has also said with much astonishment, that this catastrophe shall take place within the year 2003.

4. At this time Imam Mahdi (pbuh) shall make Hazrat Isha (Jesus Christ (pbuh)) reappear as a Mohammedan. After their holy arrival, peace shall emerge over the world for a limited time.

The appearance and the disappearance of our last Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) shall be the first sign of Qiyamat. The divine blessing of Nobuat has completely stopped as a consequence of his arrival. The sacred duty of eliminating all unbelievers and miscreants from the surface of the Earth by declaring Jihad (religious fight) was imposed upon the last Prophet. The following signs are indications of doomsday and catastrophe in the universe:

When people shall claim property as their own obtained by Jihad, consider Zakat a burden, regard friends as close relatives, gather education other than Islam, disobey parents and males spoon-feed females. When alcohol shall be drank as water and descendants speak ill of their ascendants, an earthquake shall occur. As these symptoms emerge the Christians will have stronghold over all. Ultimately, one group of Christians and Muslims shall fight against another group, leading to the defeat of the Muslims and Christian domination over the Khyber Pass. At that time, Imam Mahdi (pbuh) shall reside in Holy Medina and hastily proceed to Holy Mecca where he shall finally be found in a place situated between the black stone (Hazra Aswad) and Ibrahim's (pbuh) house, near the house of Allah. People will take lessons from him as the word spreads that he is the Calipha (server) of Allah. A man called Mousus and Khorasan shall come with an army to give him aid. Imam Mahdi (pbuh) will then return to Holy Medina with a large contingent proceeding towards Thailand to fight Christians at Damascus. After four days of fighting the Muslims shall be victorious. The infidels shall have no interest in keeping their kingdom as the Muslim expand.

Meanwhile, a false rumor shall spread that a man named Dazzal has emerged among the Jews. He shall declare himself a prophet and claim to be Allah. He will be accompanied by 170,000 Jews, and travel many countries to try to occupy Holy Mecca and Holy Medina. But Allah, the almighty, will keep these two holy places under the custody of the angels. At that time, there shall be three earthquakes in Holy Medina as distraught Muslims reinforce ties with the devil. A hermit person shall execute the devil while living with him only to watch him come back to life. The hermit will claim proof that Dazzal is the devil, but he will be invulnerable to these words. From there the devil shall go to Thailand. When he nears Damascus, Imam Mahdi (pbuh) shall already be there present and prepared for war. At such a time the people shall notice, after Asar prayer, Jesus Christ (pbuh) descending from the sky, keeping his hands on the shoulders of two angels. He will come down by a ladder provided by the people. Jesus (pbuh) shall declare his purpose on Earth to execute Dazzal. The next morning, Jesus (pbuh) shall climb a horse and strike toward Dazzal with a spear in his hand. Near the gate of Louda the devil will perish as the Muslims finish killing off soldiers of his. Then Jesus (pbuh) will go to many cities and by the grace of Allah, the almighty, there shall be no unbelievers. After surviving for seven years, Imam Mahdi (pbuh) shall pass away. The governing power will then be in the hand of Jesus (pbuh). Forty years later Jesus (pbuh) will expire and be buried in a reserved area on the Rawza Sharif adjacent to the grave of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). In his place, an efficient person named Zahzah shall take over, and then another person shall become emperor. The ways of the world shall take the adverse path until, finally one day, fume from the sky shall rain on the surface, by which the Muslim shall suffer from cough and the unbelievers become senseless. After a few days, a night in the month of Zilhajj (the month of pilgrimage to Holy Mecca), shall be so lengthy that every person and animal will become restless. The people shall turn mad with fright until after three nights, the sun will rise in the west to perform a solar eclipse. At that time no Imam and forgiveness shall be accepted. The sun shall set in the west after coming into the position of midday. Then as usual it will rise in the East.

After a short period a peculiar talking, an animal shall emerge from the mountain of Chapa as a result of an earthquake. It will travel throughout the world at heavy speed and with the stick of Prophet Moses (pbuh) draw a line on the forehead of every believer. It will put a seal on the chest or shoulder of all unbelievers with the ring of Prophet Solomon (pbuh), after which they shall become ugly. As a very gentle breeze blows from the south something shall come out of the underarms of the believers and therefore they shall die. After the death of all Muslims the strength of the Habshii infidels shall expand all over the world. They will destroy Holy Mecca and pilgrims shall be stopped. Then the Holy Koran shall not exist in peoples hearts anymore. Nobody shall be scared of Allah and no person on Earth shall pronounce the name of Allah, the almighty.

Afterwards, a fire shall spread out and people shall go to Thailand. After three or four years have passed, suddenly, on the morning of Jumma (Friday) a horn shall be blown. Eventually, the noise shall drop and slowly people shall die. The sky and the soil shall crack; the mountains shall be diminished into cotton; the suns and moons shall be lightless; the sea shall heavily inundate and the universe will come to an end as darkness reigns for 120 days.

After 40 years in this state, Hazrat Israfil (Angel of Destruction) (pbuh) shall blow the horn once again. The sky and the ground will be reformed as before, and the dead shall come alive to gather in the field of Hashar. The sun shall come very near and sweat will secrete in proportion of sins. People will become restless from hunger and thirst. For the righteous people the field of Hashar shall become flour and their thirst quenched by the water of Hawze Kaosar. The people shall approach Prophet Adam (pbuh) for recommendation, but get refused any information. Finally, the people shall come to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), whom will approach Allah, the almighty, for them the Day of Judgment shall begin. The Arash (sphere) of Allah shall come down at this time. The Day of Judgment shall commence and everyone will be informed about the amount of virtue and sin they possess. Difficult tests shall be commenced for human kind. Good souls shall pass the hard tests very quickly and proceed to heaven while the bad souls fall to hell. The persons, whose good tasks and aims are equal, shall be placed in Arafa, a place in between heaven and hell. Allah, the almighty, will listen to them and whomsoever has even a pinch of faith will be taken to heaven. It is the unbelievers and the infidels that shall be the fuel for the fire in hell, eternally. At last, death will come in the shape of a Ram to be slaughtered and will not attack anyone. Finally, from a Hadith described by Hazrat Husaifa (pbuh) we can derive a clear concept of Doomsday (Qiyamat) and Catastrophe.

Once we were all in a discussion when Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) came and asked, "What are you all talking about?" "About Qiyamat (Day of Judgement)", we answered. Then he said, "Until the signs have emerged, there shall not be Qiyamat." He described the signs as fumes, a devil, the peculiar animal, the rising of the sun in the west, descending of Jesus Christ (pbuh) from the sky, Iazuz and Mazuz, and the three eclipses in the east and west. Lastly a fire shall chase all persons from Yemen towards the field of Hashar.

The Classification of Signs

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has classified the signs into two divisions of Alamate Chogra (small signs):

1. The rulers of a country shall regard the countrys revenue as their property.

2. Zakat shall be paid with heavy hearts.

3. People shall treat trusted property as their own.

4. The husband will be dependent upon the wife.

5. Children shall disobey their parents and have bad associations.

6. People will receive Islamic education to achieve earthly pleasure.

7. Characterless, greedy persons shall become leaders.

8. Social discipline shall decrease.

9. The wicked persons shall be respected in fear of any injury.

10. Alcohol shall be drunk publicly.

11. Musical instruments shall be in abundance.

Illicit sexual relations will increase.

13. Descendants shall criticize their ancestors and curse them.

After the expression of these signs, the following signs will soon emerge:

14. Storms in the color of fire.

15. Erosion of soil.

16. Rain of rocks.

17. Transformation of the Earths structure.

In another Hadith the following Alamat-E-Chogra (small signs) were described:

1. Abundance of babies born to slave mothers.

2. The receiving of administrative power by illiterate, insolent, wealthy people.

3. Misusing of genitalia.

4. Gossiping and playing games in the Mosque.

5. Abuse of words in place of discussion.

6. The increasing practice of homosexuality.

7. To be able to fulfill every demand of humanity through science and technology.

8. Lack of religious education.

9. Lying will be regarded as an art.

10. To lose trust and faith in people.

11. To receive irreligious education.

12. Disappearance of shame and disgrace.

13. The attack on Muslims by non-Muslims.

14. The amount of unfair task and torture will be rampant making it difficult for self-protection.

15. The spreading of false religions and illegal activities.

16. The economic condition of the Arabs will improve and they shall be totally indifferent to religion not regarding anyone as human being.

17. Green vegetables shall grow in the deserts of Arabia.

18. The Arab youth will be addicted to wine and women.

Imam Mahdi (pbuh) shall arrive after the Third World War

Imam Mahdi (pbuh) shall emerge after the Third World War. Only after this emergence the nuclear war will take place. In other words, the destructive nuclear war shall create a fill for his arrival. It is known by reading the Hadith and other books of Islamic scholars that Imam Mahdi (pbuh) shall fight the devil with a sword.

In this era of advancement and technology, there are various types of arms - nuclear and chemical bombs, missiles and submarines.

Is it believable that even with these modern arms and ammunition Imam Mahdi (pbuh) shall fight with a sword? It so happens that Allah, the almighty, can make everything possible. If we read the history of mankind, we observe that at the peak of any civilizations success, its morality goes down. Eventually the entire entity is destroyed by any means possible (flood, earthquake, and aggression by another state). The rise and downfall of mankind is also mentioned in the Holy Koran. The scholars have come to a conclusion, that when any atheist civilization arrives at its ultimate success, it is the rule of nature that the great Allah shall plunge it into the grip of destruction. I believe that the present civilization and culture has reached its ultimate limit only to await catastrophe. It seems that the way the world is advancing, something horribly grandiose is bound to happen.

In 1955, permission to use the Atom bomb was asked to the Nobel Prize winning scientist, Albert Einstein, as he lay in his deathbed. "If at any time the Third World War takes place, what kind of arms and ammunition do you think shall be used?" He answered, "I cannot say anything about the Third World War, but if there is ever a Forth World War, then the people shall use bricks, stones and sticks. No nation shall survive the Third World War"

It can be deduced from the premonition of Einstein that after the Third World War, there shall be no firearms, which we know today.

The fact that Imam Mahdi (pbuh) shall arrive after the Third World War is also indicated in the "Chetabani", the famous book of Sheror, the Londoner astrologer.

He has said that from 1996 to 1998 the world shall be in a tumultuous state. In 1998, the month of Baishakh, Imam Mahdi (pbuh) shall arrive and in the next year the "last days" shall come to an end welcoming the New Era.

According to the premonition of American astrologer, Jean Dixon, Imam Mahdi (pbuh) will disclose himself around 2002. Because Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) received prophetship at the age of 40, Imam Mahdi (pbuh) will become a representative of Muhammad at the same age. If we add 40 years to the date mentioned by Jean Dixon, we then get to 2002 (February 5th, 1962 + 40).

The Promised Mahdi (pbuh) and The Present Middle East

It is known that in order for something to occur, a suitable surrounding is required. By reading the history of the prophets it is known, that before sending each prophet to perform his duties, God, the almighty, has created the necessary surrounding for them in their own nations. The situation in Arabia was such, that it was possible for Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) to perform his duties. If we look at the political, economical and social situation of the Middle East, it seems that the almighty Allah is creating a field for Imam Mahdi (pbuh) to appear there. From there he shall take over world leadership.

Position of the Middle East From an Economic Point Of View

Middle Easts political, economical and social environment prior to the birth of Imam Mahdi (pbuh) is completely different from the environment of his birth. Economically, no Middle Eastern country was prosperous before 1962. The only source of income for the desert country Saudi Arabia was dates. Saudi Arabia is one of the richest nations today. The key to the worlds economy is now in the hands of the Middle

Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia. They have unlimited oil, gas and gold. It is believed that half of the worlds gold is in Saudi Arabia.

In order to discuss the political situation of the Middle East, we have to look back at the past. The sole objective of this so-called Islamic ruler is only to remain on the throne. It is a matter of great regret that there is no proper Islamic Rule or Insaff (justice) in any of the Middle Eastern countries. Those, who are governing the Middle Eastern countries by self-declaring it as Islamic Rule are in fact very distant from the proper procedure of Islamic Rule. Their clear introduction is given in the following.

It is especially mentioned that after the arrival of the world peace Emperor Imam Mahdi (pbuh), the so-called Saudi Monarchy and other Kingdoms of the Middle East shall abruptly come to an end. Only their failures and wrongs shall be written in history. Jesus (pbuh) shall join Hazrat Imam Mahdi (pbuh) in the Umaiya Mosque of Damascus. Then they (peace be upon them) shall establish Allahs almighty rule.

A Small Description of The Rulers of  The Monarchy in Saudi Arabia

Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) has said," disciples shall be divided in 73 divisions." The followers, who were present asked, "Oh! Prophet (pbuh), who is that group that shall proceed to Jannat (heaven)?""That group is the Sunnis that follow the Sunat. "

The capital of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh, the previous name of which is Najad. Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) birthplace and work place are respectively Holy Mecca and Holy Medina. The name Saudi Arabia was given in the name of the leader of the Tanaiza sect, Ibne Saud of the Daria areas in Najad. The present Emperor of the royal family, Badshah Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz is the founder of the country. He is the son of the second Saud,

Abdul Aziz Ibne Saud. Najad is situated in the centre of Saudi Arabia, east of Holy Medina Monwara surrounded by date tree fields. Najad is famous in the Arab world from political and economical aspects. The inhabitants of this province are religious and consider themselves as learned. That is why according to them, the leader of the Arab world must be from them. Lets see what prophet Karim (pbuh) says about Najad.

I give our Syria and Yemen prosperity and success." The inhabitants of Najad present their request, "Oh prophet of Allah, mention about the prosperity and success of our Najad area." Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) prayed a few more times without mentioning Najad and told the inhabitants, "Chaos and trouble will be created in Najad and evil will strengthen from here. "Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has stated in a Hadith in the Bukhari Sharif that, "Evil forces will come out of Najad. Oh Muslims! Don't you fall into their traps and always be careful from their attempt of deceit. They will talk like the prophets and in the name of Islam they will harm your faith and religion. Always try to protect yourselves from their attitude of deceiving." In another Hadith, Hazrat Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) called the faith of believers in Yemen all as false. In another Hadith he has said, "Oh Muslims! Always protect yourselves from ill motives and the deceit of deceitful dwellers in Najad. The moment they get the opportunity they will deceive you from the well protection of Islam."

Another Hadith (Abu) stated that once, when our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) was distributing the goods of relief (Ganimat) among the people, a man named Abdullah of Bani Tamil Tribe said "Oh prophet of Allah, the almighty, distribute it equitably." The prophet said he should be destroyed. "If I am not fair, then who will be?" Hazrat Omar (pbuh) at once said excitedly, "Oh prophet permit me! I will chop off the head of this betrayer (Monafaque)." The prophet said, "Let him go, a group will emerge from him. The external appearance of the people will be so pious that their way of prayer will seem insignificant." (Seventh part of Bukhari, the Holy Hadith book.)

Muhammad Bin Abdul Ohab Nazdi was born in the Bani Sinan genealogy of the Bani Tamim community in 1703 A.D. at the Noyeina area of this cursed Najad province. After having primary education at his fathers place he went to Holy Medina. He had his higher education in Baghdad. In Holy Medina he had his teachings under the auspices of two teachers, named - Hazrat Sindhi and Soleman Al Qui. Ibne Ohab Najdijonce being sentimental over the attitude of the teachers towards the prophet uttered: "Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was merely a favorite prophet. His duty was to bring the Holy Koran, and he did that. His duties have been performed. Why will there be any reason for respecting him so much?"

With regard to this comment, he was forbidden to say anything about the prophet. This insolent attitude toward the teachers is testimony of how ill tempered Ibne Ohab was. According to Hadith, the insolent are deprived of Allah's blessings.

In 1749, Ibne Wahab Najdi, appeared at 47 years of age as a learned (Aleem) of the Kharajee group to misdirect Muslim society. First a little brief information on the Kharajee:

After the battle of Sifine between Hazrat Ali and Ameer Muabia in Hijran 36, a group of people separated from Alis group and assembled at Harwa. They claimed to be pious and declared Hazrat Ali (pbuh) a Kafeer. But Hazrat Ali was one of the Ashraee Mubashere (ten scholars, who are entitled to enter into heaven without facing anything). They declared, that it was valid to kill him (Ali) and rob his property. Afterwards, they assassinated Hazrat Ali. They are known as Kharajee in history. Their doctrine states, that it is not permitted to obey anybody except Allah, the almighty. One cannot even obey the prophet. According to them, Satan became Mordrud only because he did not obey anybody else except the almighty. It is known to everyone that the basic two subjects of Islam are, first, Tawhid of Allah and second Resalat of the Prophet. They are determined to establish Tawhid ignoring Resalat. And this is the fundamental difference between the pure Muslims and Kharajees. Musailamakazzeb Najad, the ascendant of Abdul Wahab Najdi, claimed to be the Prophet after the death of Mohammad (pbuh) and consequently was killed by the Muslims. Cunning Wahab, not repeating the mistake of his ascendants, involved himself in the so-called reformation of Islam in order to misguide Muslim society. According to Holy Koran and Hadith, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the nur (splendor) of Allah. But Wahab said, that the Prophet was an ordinary man like other men, who died after his office, was decomposed and mixed with soil. Prestige and honor were confined to his life. It is not necessary to show respect toward him, since he is now dead. He also said that, since Muslims worship saints and graves, all the Muslims except Wahab and his followers are Kafeer and Mushriq; it is accepted to kill them and to loot their e dead Muhammad (pproperties. In this plea he to the very words of Holy Koran and Hadith, Muhammad (pbuh) is alive in his grave. Hence, he is called Haiyatunnabi. He is just as alive as he always was. Wahab Najdi has said as a contrast, that Muhammad (pbuh) is a dead Prophet (may Allah excuse us).

Allah says in his Holy Koran - "...those, who become baiyat - that is keeping their hands on your (Prophet Muhammads (pbuh)) hands - become baiyat keeping their hands on my hands." Hence, Muslims consider it valid and essential to become baiyat to the Aulia (saints), who acquired baiyat, but Wahab Najdi declared it illegal.

The prophet himself used to visit graves respectfully and pray near them. He told the Muslims to do the same as he did, "...those, who will visit my grave and pray there, my recommendation for him in the here started a movement to reform the religion of Islam in the whole Najad area, which was later known as the Wahabi Movement. The followers of his doctrine are called Wahabi. According after would be Wajib (mandatory)." Hence, every Muslim desired to visit the holy Prophets grave, but Ibne Wahab declared it illegal (vicious) and uttered it "the big idol of Islam." He claimed that a stick in his hand was better than thbuh). Wahab said, he could kill a snake with the stick, but the dead Muhammad (pbuh) could not help you. According to the Holy

Koran and Hadith, if anyone dishonors or neglects the Prophet... he becomes Mordud. Therefore, Ibne Wahab Majdi and his followers are Mordud (according to Hadith). By the interpretation of the Holy Koran, Hadith and the support of Ijma and Qiyas, it is established that Milad-Mahfilis (praying adjacent to the Prophet (pbuh)) was virtuous. Wahabi still prohibited it in Islam.

The misguiding reformation of Islam by Wahab was protested by the then Muslim society. Consequently, cunning Wahab changed his technique. He invited the luxurious leader of the Taniza group of the Daria region. He made Ibne Saud his disciple, who later married the daughter of Wahab Najdi. Ibne Saud and Ibne Wahab combined their armies to fight the ferocious Bedouins. This force played an important role in manipulating Muslim society into accepting this reformation. Muslims who denied the reformation were killed.

"Before being Wahabi (misguided Muslim), I was Kafeer (non-Muslim). My parents and ascendants were Kafeer now I have become a Muslim."

- Abdul Wahab Najdi

In 1765, after the death of the first Ibne Saud, his son, Abdul Aziz, expanded the Wahabi (misguided Muslim group) state from Najad to Kuwait. He accepted the doctrine of Wahabi like his father.

After establishing Wahabism in Najdi and Kuwait the Wahabis kept eyes on the Muslims of Holy Mecca. In 1791, they attacked Holy Mecca, but by strong resistance of the Muslims they could not enter the city.

Consequently, the Wahabis changed their technique. A deceitful Wahabi entered the Mosque of the city in disguise of Muballeg and preacher. Until 1802 the Wahabis again attacked Holy Mecca. Because of help from the inside of the city they were successful. In 1803 they captured Holy Mecca.

Soon after the capture, the Wahabis started killing Sufis and Prophets descendants, contending that they were grave and saint worshippers. In 1804 Holy Medina had also been captured by the Wahabis. The fate of the Sufis and Prophets descendants of Holy Medina was the same as Holy Meccas inhabitants. All the graves of the Sabahis were broken and mixed with the soil. But at the protest by the Muslims of the world, including Egypt and Syria, they repaired the graves. The Muslims fled to Yemen, Syria and Iraq in order to be safe from the Wahabis.

Though the Muslims captured Holy Mecca and Holy Medina in 1812, the two cities went under the control of the Wahabis and in 1924 the Wahabis administered them. At the end of the 19th Century, Prince Abdur Rahman, the son of King Faisal, was exiled in Kuwait for internal conflict in the royal family. During the exile, he wanted to re-establish the Saud Dynasty and Wahabi concept. Although he could not materialize his desire, his son, Abdul Aziz Ibne Saud (with the help of the British) took the state power of all of Saudi Arabia. He then established the concept of Wahabism across the kingdom he ruled. Subsequently, with the blessings of the petrodollar in the Middle East, the economic condition of the Wahabis prospered, as did the international assimilation of their concept.

In the Holy Koran, Allah, the almighty says, "A group of people will say they believe in Allah but Allah says No. They are non Momins (without Imam)." The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) foretold that a group of apparently Muslim people would appear and severely harm Muslim society and the religion of Islam. They will have two methods for their evils: Spread false Hadith and make it a skill to tell lies.

The Earth Summit in Brazil was held because of world leaders failure, which will result in the implementation of the symptoms of Dooms Day. The commonwealth countries of the previous U.S.S.R will face problems like suspicion, unfaithfulness, fight for powers, etc. Suddenly, Muslim countries will come out of the commonwealth, willingly. In that time, the European commonwealth countries will face economic, social and political problems as the fire of retaliation will spread everywhere in Europe. At the extreme of natural calamity in Middle Asia and China, humanity will suffer boundlessly as socialism inevitably comes to an end. The light of the so-called Socialist Democracy of India will be extinguished. Many states, including Kashmir, will be independent. The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Joyti Basu, will be ousted and fly away from India. The will attain expected countries like Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia will become Islamic states. The Holy Koran will be the constitution and supreme law of these countries. Consequently, many countries social and political change.

South America and Australia will be affected severely by natural disasters. The geographical area of the U.S and Russia will dither away. Skyscrapers will collapse. Great cities will become islands of the Atlantic. These disasters will propel people to Japan and Korea, two industrially developed countries. The member countries of the United Nations will threaten to withdraw from the U.N.O. The authorities of the U.N.O, curtailing all the relations with the organization, will want to join the group of Imam Mahdi (pbuh). Unfortunately, they will not have this opportunity because only the pious will be accepted.

A congregation will be held at the Al Aksa Mosque situated in Jerusalem. The ruler of Jordan, King Hussain and Hassan of Morocco will be ousted. Gaddafi of Libya will become strong and fight against the U.S. Millions of Egyptians will die due to the natural disasters.

Bill Clintons so-called Middle East Peace Mission will fail. Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian State could not succeed in establishing peace in the Middle East. Ehud Barak, Israeli Leader and Yasir Arafat, Palestinian Leader, will be criticized by their citizen. By this time Imam Mahdi (SM) and Jesus Christ (SM) will proclaim their "Proclamation of Peace".

Imam Mahdi (SM) will proclaim his legacy in Holy Mecca and Jesus Christ (SM) will re-emerge from Heaven in the Minaret of Omaiya Mosque, Syria.

The Peace Mission of almighty God will be lead by Imam Mahdi (SM) and Jesus (SM). They will co-create Heaven on Earth.

Saddam Hussein of Iraq will lose his power. Normal life and a peaceful situation will be established in Iraq after Saddam Husseins disappearance.

The European Economic Countries (EEC) will seriously face a financial crisis. Iran, Afghanistan, India and Bangladesh will come into a Confederation of Governments. Syrian, Moroccan and Jordanian young rulers will face serious internal, national economic problems, administration chaos and complex situations and therefore lose their power.

Prince Charles will be disappointed by his mother Queen Elisabeth II.

Russian and Muslim Rulers will fail during their leadership; chaos and complex situations will disappoint them.

The Young Leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin will be so ambitious to establish a superpower and will proclaim his legacy. The Economic and administrative situation of Russia will be under Vladimir Putins control. His advisers and Mr. Boris N. Yeltsin will disappear. Gorbatschow will be strong again. People of the Russian Federation will invite Gorbatschow to rule the Federation as Universal Leader again.

George Bush by hardest contest will become the 43rd President of USA. Two years he will lead his legacy, rule the USA and establish himself as Universal World Leader. During the arrival of Imam Mahdi (SM) Bushs Administration will lead negative forces against the entry of Imam Mahdi (SM) and Jesus (SM). By this time Bush looses his power and disappears from his action plan. A serious economic crisis will fail to re-establish Bushs legacy.

Jews and Christians will fight each other. No one shall dominate. So-called Arabian Muslims will join the Christian groups. Jewish will temporarily dominate and occupy Istanbul territories in Turkey in the name of the so-called Middle East Peace by the end of 2002. And King of terror Saddam will loose his power and disappear from his kingdom. The Chief patron of the terror gangster so-called Muslim self-proclaimed leader Osama Bin Laden will disappear also from his self-power and position. Temporarily America will lead the world.  Third World War will start in the Middle East. In the Third World War millions of humans will lose their lives and properties and mother Earth, will have lost its most important geographical territories. No one shall survive in the Great Cities of S. Francisco, New York, Chicago, Tokyo, Shanghai, Peking and Moscow (Kremlin).

China will face a serious economic crisis. The Dalai Lama (Tibetan religious leader) will become a big hero of this age and try to recover his dynasty Tibet, but in the end he will fail due to low moral and logistic support, not yet strong enough to protect himself and his dynasty.

The Government of China will face heavy pressure from the Western ruler. It will not survive and develop its nuclear power against the Western power. By this time Mount Everest of Nepal will disappear and lose its existence. Neighboring countries will be threatened by this loss. So many Asian countries, territories and geographical boundaries will be flooded and disappear.

India will be divided into several parts like former Soviet Union. Natural disasters, earthquakes and man-made disasters will seriously affect the Indian Territory. The Shape of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal will change dramatically. India will lose its international political leadership and Russia at that time will not continue to be their friend and allied. Middle East Muslim countries will cut their relations, treaties and communications with India.

Yemens territories will be affected by volcanic eruptions and fire before of Jesus Christs (SM) re-emerging and of Imam Mahdis (SM) proclamation.

African countries will also face serious economic crisis, natural disasters, earthquakes and political unrest. By this time iron-man Nelson Mandela will pass away and Africa will be in darkness.

Australia, New Zeeland and Indonesia will be facing earthquakes, natural disasters, political unrest and serious economic crisis.

Rome, Germany, France, Switzerland, England and Northern Ireland will unrest in political matters, facing crisis and complex situations. Natural disasters will also occur.

Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Burma and Bangladesh will face serious natural disasters, earthquakes, economic crisis and political unrest.

Singapore will be the only peaceful Asian territory, economically developed and politically stable. But it will have to face the Third World Wars destruction. Some geographical territories of Singapore will also be destroyed.

Most positive information and predictions after III World War and the co-creation of Heaven on Earth by the Global Year 2004 will be presented soon.

The above mentioned statement was compiled, edited and translated by Dr. Ashoka Paul, Executive Assistant to His Eminency Sheik Shah Sufi M.N. Alam, President, World Spiritual Assembly and The Originator and Pioneer Spokesman of Millennium Prophecy, Religious and Spiritual Leader and The 43rd Spiritual descendant from The Great Prophet of Islam (Peace Be Upon Him).